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Power Products
August 31, 2017

Honda to Release LiB-AID E500 Portable Battery Inverter Power Source

August 31, 2017 - Honda announced that it will commence Japan-wide sales of its LiB-AID E500 portable battery inverter power source, through Honda Cars retail dealerships on September 1, 2017.

LiB-AID E500 portable battery inverter power source

LiB-AID E500 portable battery inverter power source

The LiB-AID E500 is a portable battery inverter power source*1 that supplies up to 500W(VA) of high-quality electricity equivalent to that of household power grid, using Honda’s unique sine wave inverter technology. Its lithium-ion battery can be recharged from a wall socket or car accessory socket, making the LiB-AID E500 an ideal portable power source for indoor or outdoor use.

  • *1 The LiB-AID cannot generate electricity, but by storing electricity in its lithium-ion battery, can supply electricity. Generators, on the other hand, can generate electricity using gasoline- or gas-powered engines to power an alternator, but cannot store electricity.
● Planned Unit Sales (Annual / Japan) 3,000 units
● Recommended Retail Price (incl. 8% consumption tax)
E500 JN
79,920 yen (74,000 yen excl. tax)
E500 JN1 (includes Accessory Socket Charger) 86,400 yen (80,000 yen excl. tax)

[ LiB-AID E500 Features ]

● Friendly Design

The E500’s design, reminiscent of Honda’s first generator sold in 1965, the E300, is a simple form that blends in to any scene. Its large handles make it easy to carry around.

● Original Sine Wave Inverter Developed with Honda’s Generator Technologies

The E500 can supply the same, stable high-quality electricity as that of household power grid, allowing the use with confidence of appliances that are affected by the quality of the power supply, such as personal computers and microprocessor-controlled equipment.

The E500 not only supplies direct current (DC) electricity as conventional batteries and power sources can, but is also equipped with an inverter that can supply 100V alternating current (AC) electricity, enabling the use of everyday electric equipment.

● Electricity Supply Without Pollution or Noise

The E500 can be recharged from a wall socket or a car’s accessory socket in around 6 hours. Once fully charged, the E500 can power a 300W appliance for around 1 hour, or a 500W appliance for around 35 minutes.

● Parallel Operation Enables Larger Capacity Electric Equipment to be Connected

Electrical equipment with a higher power consumption than one E500 can supply, can be used by operating in parallel*2 two E500 units, or an E500 and a Honda generator. This also allows the simultaneous use of multiple electrical equipment.

  • *2Parallel operation requires the Parallel Operation Connection Cable (suitable for E500/EU9i/EU9iGB) or Parallel Operation Connection Kit (suitable for EU16i). Both sold separately.

● Specifications

Dimensions *3(length x width x height / mm) 266×182×248
Weight (kg) 5.3
Rated frequency (Hz) 50/60 (manually switched)
Battery              Type Rechargeable lithium-ion
Capacity 377Wh
Rated output [W(VA)] 300
Maximum output [W(VA)] 500
Operating time ※4 300W: approx. 1 hour
500W: approx. 35 min.
Recharging time ※5 approx. 6 hours
Charge/discharge lifetime (cycles) more than 1000
Outlets AC 100V: 2
USB: 2
AC charger
    Accessory Socket Charger ※6
  • *3Includes handle
  • *4Operating time and charge/discharge lifetime varies according to operating environment temperature and battery wear.
  • *5Time taken to fully charge internal battery from fully discharged state (25 degrees Celsius)
  • *6Included with JN1 type

Photo Gallery

LiB-AID E500 portable battery inverter power source
LiB-AID E500 portable battery inverter power source