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Power Products
April 28, 2017

Overview of Honda Exhibit at the 19th International Roses and Gardening Show, Japan’s Largest Gardening Show

- A garden lifestyle with Honda products -

April 11, 2017 - Honda announced that it will be exhibiting the Honda booth promoting a lifestyle based on the concept of “Harmony, a wonderful life with Honda products,” at the 19th International Roses and Gardening Show (Friday, May 12 through Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at the Met Life Dome (formerly Seibu Prince Dome) in Tokorozawa city, Saitama).

Image of Honda Booth

Image of Honda Booth

Honda has supported “Co-existence with Nature,” the theme of the International Roses and Gardening Show, Japan’s largest gardening exhibition, participating in the event 12 times in the past, proposing a natural outdoor life with Honda’s power products. For this year’s exhibition, Honda will be sample exhibiting its “Miimo” Robotic Lawn Mower, popular in Europe and slated to go on sale in Japan, and its E500 Prototype Portable Battery Inverter Power Source which was exhibited and attracted much attention at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show in 2015. Other exhibits will include its widely popular N-BOX SLASH Mini-Vehicle and the Little Cub Motorcycle, Butane canister-powered ENEPO Generator, and Pianta Tiller which will be on show as special “International Roses and Gardening Show models” to present Honda’s vision of garden life with Honda products.

At this year’s show, Honda’s booth which has consistently been based on “Potager*1” arranging in the garden at home, will be arranged in line with the show’s overall “showing the roses, showing the garden” theme. The booth’s title is “Harmony, a wonderful life with Honda products,” focusing on “A potager life of a couple entranced by Roses and Clematis.” It will portray an open potager garden in a Shabby-chic*2 and Prairie-style*3 home setting, with uniquely painted and decaled Honda products.

Gardener Kimie Ito (DCT INC) will oversee implementation of her grand design of the booth, which will be constructed by “Hello Woods,” Honda’s nature experience center at Twin Ring Motegi in Tochigi. Antique mortar outer walls and garden arches will be designed by spacial designer Kazunobu Tomizawa (TOMI project). Annie Sloan Japan by DCT INC will provide chalk-painted coloring covering the interior and exterior for the house and garden. Rose-creator Takunori Kimura will plant the garden with popular, strong and easy-to-grow roses, and Clema Corporation will be providing its original “Suruga Clematis” decoration. The potager will be arranged by gardening counselor Michiko Okai, a housewife gardener popular for her gardening ideas suitable for daily life, covering the themes “Honda products and flowers,” “The garden and colors,” and “Traditional garden exterior and the latest tools and mobility” in harmony to complete the display portraying a stylish and splendid garden-life with Honda products.

  • *1Potager: French word for vegetable garden for decoration, in addition to growing vegetables for consumption. Potager began with the geometrically displayed vegetable gardens of the French royal palace, and became popular with English gardeners and people who loved nature. The gardening style has been introduced in numerous gardening magazines, and is popular with home gardeners and enthusiasts as the “admirable potager.”
  • *2Shabby-Chic: A form of interior design to portray the appearance of an antique, generating an air of class, elegance, and a stylish maturity. The term “Shabby-Chic” is said to originate with the interior store “SHABBY-CHIC” opened in 1989, in Santo Monica, California, USA, by British designer Rachell Ashwell. The term since became popular in the USA and Europe.
  • *3A building style suited to the prairies of the US, and is popular as a traditional style for suburban homes. The low-roofed house features wide doors and windows opening to the exterior (garden), enhancing its sense of spaciousness

[ Planned Exhibits ]

< Supporting Vegetable and Herb Growing, and Soil Preparation >

[ Sample Exhibits ]

  • Pianta FV200 Gas-Powered Tiller (Custom International Rose and Gardening Show model)

< Suitable for Lawn Care >

[ Sample Exhibits ]

  • Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower

< Power Supply for Outdoors or Emergencies >

[ Sample Exhibits ]

  • Enepo EU9iGB Butane Canister Powered Generator (Custom International Rose and Gardening Show model)
  • LiB-AID E500 Portable Battery Inverter Power Source

< Enjoying Outdoor Life Mobility >

[ Sample Exhibits ]

    Honda Access outfitted & International Rose and Gardening Show Colored Model
  • Little Cub Motorcycle
    International Rose and Gardening Show Colored Model

About the 19th International Rose and Gardening Show

Venue: Met Life Dome (formerly Seibu Prince Dome)
2135 Kamiyamaguchi,Tokorozawa city, Saitama 359-1196
* Venue name changed on March 1, 2017
Exhibition dates and times:
Friday, May 12, 2017 - Wednesday, May 17, 2017
9:30am - 5:30pm
* Admittance closes 30 minutes prior to end of exhibition times. Final day (Wednesday 17th) planned to close at 5:00pm
* Opening ceremony from 2:00pm, and special exhibit from 3:00pm on Thursday, May 11 (day prior to opening).

Organizer: International Roses & Gardening Show Organization Committee
(Mainichi Newspapers / NHK / Sports Nippon Newspapers)
Admissions: At the Door: Adults (Junior high-school and above) 2,200 yen
Pre-sale: Adults 1,900 yen
Private Viewing (with official guidebook): 2,500 yen
*Children (Primary-school and younger): free (must be accompanied by a guardian)
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(PC / Mobile):