World News 2004

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May 6, 2004

Honda Diesel Sets New World Records

U.K., May 6, 2004 – Honda’s new Accord 2.2 i-CTDi Sport has this week set no fewer than 19 world speed records and achieved 3.07 litres / 100 km (92 mpg) fuel economy to boot. British racing driver Robin Liddell and freelance journalist Iain Robertson were part of the European record-setting team.

Honda's record breaking Accord i-CTDi

Honda's record breaking Accord i-CTDi

Honda's record breaking Accord i-CTDi

Honda's record breaking Accord i-CTDi

Amongst the speed records set, which were all achieved in Production Car Class B (2000 – 2500 cc), were 133.04 mph (1 mile flying start), 84.25 mph (1 mile standing start) and an average speed of 130.38 mph over a 24-hour endurance period. These records were all set at Papenburg high-speed oval test track in north-west Germany on 1 and 2 May, and are all subject to FIA ratification.

Two production cars, randomly selected by FIA officials, were used to undertake the speed records, and apart from the fitting of roll-cages, racing harnesses and radio equipment for track-to-pits communication, no other modifications were made to the cars.

Following the speed record attempts, the same two cars were then driven 419 miles from Papenburg test track to Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt in order to complete the fuel economy run. The route comprised of a mixture of motorway and non-motorway driving, during which one of the Accords achieved a staggering 92 mpg average.

The project, aimed at demonstrating the performance and economy of the Accord i-CTDi, was a joint production between Honda, the FIA and Italian-based JAS Motorsport, who managed fuelling and pit-stops.

Honda UK’s driver in the speed record attempt, Robin Liddell, who has previously raced at Le Mans 24-hours, as well as the American Le Mans Series and the BRDC British GT championship, commented: "The car’s performance is very impressive, demonstrated by the records we’ve achieved. Honda has made real steps forward in styling, ergonomics and interior design with the new Accord Diesel and now has a package that can take on the best cars in its class."

A complete list of speed records, all subject to FIA ratification, is as follows:

1 mile Flying start 133.035 mph
1/8-mile Standing start 42.865 mph
1/4-mile " 54.198 mph
1 mile " 84.250 mph
10 mile " 123.138 mph
100 mile " 131.036 mph
500 mile " 131.032 mph
1000 mile " 130.786 mph
1000 metres Flying start 133.115 mph
500 metres Standing start 58.672 mph
1000 metres " 73.277 mph
10 kilometres " 118.487 mph
100 kilometres " 130.435 mph
500 kilometres " 130.381 mph
1000 kilometres " 130.629 mph
1 hour Standing start 131.257 mph
6 hour " 130.490 mph
12 hour " 130.378 mph
24 hour " 130.379 mph

The Accord i-CTDi went on sale in the UK in February (4dr) and March (5dr) respectively, and to date, 1,500 units have been sold. The record breaking car will be displayed on the Honda stand (Hall 5, Stand 250) at this year’s Sunday Times Motor Show Live at Birmingham NEC.