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G Switch and Selectable Torque Control — What sort of enjoyment do these two switches bring to riding?

The Africa Twin DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) is equipped with two unique functions: the G Switch and Selectable Torque Control. What do these switches do, and what effect do they have? First, we'll hear the story from the development team, and then we'll see how the switches work. What new world of enjoyment can the ‘True Adventure’ Africa Twin DCT bring in an off-road environment it was designed for?

What effect do these two switches have?


I’ve come to learn more about the Africa Twin DCT’s two new functions: The G Switch and Selectable Torque Control.

I decided to check in with the engineers involved in the developments of both the G Switch and Selectable Torque Control to learn about these two functions.
“Why does this DCT model require a G Switch?”
“What was deemed most important in the development of Selectable Torque Control?”

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What I tried on the test course and what became clear


I take the Africa Twin off-road riding to test the operation of the G Switch and Selectable Torque Control.

According to the development team, a good way to improve my understanding of the G Switch’s effectiveness is to do figure eights and test out the bike’s behavior when opening and closing the throttle. As for the Selectable Torque Control, I conducted two different comparison tests: One to check its effectiveness starting off on an uphill dirt slope. The other starting and accelerating on a gravel road. Videos show how effective the G Switch is.

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Tsutomu 'Ben' Matsui (b. 1963, Tokyo)
Born in Tokyo in 1963, Japanese motorcycle journalist Tsutomu Matsui has been writing interviews, test ride impressions and first-hand race reports for magazines and specialty motorcycle publications since 1986. His extensive experience in car rallies includes competing in the Dakar Rally and the Score Baja 1000. He’s also taken the Africa Twin DCT adventure touring down the west coast of California and the length of Mexico’s rugged Baja Peninsula.
Tsutomu 'Ben' Matsui

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