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VFR1200F (Dual Clutch Transmission)

  • Male, 52, Netherlands Since I'd long before developed an ingrained habit of operating the clutch with my left hand and changing gears with my left foot, everything felt strange at first. However, my body got used to the lack of a manual clutch after riding about five minutes or so. Now, the AT mode accounts for about 90 percent of my riding, and I use the MT mode infrequently. When I started riding the Dual Clutch Transmission VFR on winding roads for the first time, I used the MT mode almost exclusively, but I soon discovered that I could focus more of my attention on riding and handling by using a combination of both the AT mode and the shift switches.
  • Male, 52, Japan When riding in MT mode, my body just could not get used to changing gears using my left hand, and so I bought and installed the pedal changer kit. It's really convenient to shift from D mode to neutral using the pedal when stopped. Since gears can be changed without using a clutch, this adds to comfort, especially on winding roads, and the MT mode of the pedal-equipped model lets me concentrate on the riding, since clutch operation is no longer required.
  • Male, 40, France This is my third VFR. I like Hondas, in that they always use cutting-edge technologies such as liquid-cooled V4 engines and ABS, as compared to the VFR's rivals. I think that in Europe the VFR stands for high technology and it is now Honda's premier model. Can I ride 1,000 kilometers a day without getting tired? I look forward to riding with my friends through the alpine passes that open in the middle of June. My VFR always fills me with satisfaction and joy.
  • Male, 45, Germany The thing I most like about the Dual Clutch Transmission is how little shock it produces when changing speeds, because in many cases I'm riding tandem. Totally distinct from scooter-style CVT systems, its feeling of acceleration changing up through its six-speed gearbox is exactly like that of a manual bike. Currently, I only use the AT mode. One thing that's especially noticeable is how smooth the gear shifts are during acceleration, with no feeling of being carried around. My wife, who usually rides pillion, especially appreciates this, and the opportunities for touring together have dramatically increased.

VFR1200X Crosstourer (Dual Clutch Transmission)

  • Male, 49, Spain I bought the Crosstourer because its standard equipment included the traction control, the front and rear Combined-ABS and the Dual Clutch Transmission. Although I seldom ride off road, I can now more smoothly and comfortably ride on road. If I can change gears smoothly, I think I'll hardly ever get tired.
  • Male, 50, Switzerland When I ride through the mountains to go to Italy, there are many rough roads in mountain areas, so I must ride as slow as 10 km/h. The things I like best about the Crosstourer are that the gears are easy to select, and also that even such operations as changing down gears while operating the front and rear brakes can be done with just a press of my thumb. I switch to AT mode as soon as I get on the autostrada.

NC700S (Dual Clutch Transmission)

  • Female, 33, Italy Since the aftereffects of an injury prevent my left ankle from moving freely, I have so far only ever ridden scooters. But I traded my scooter in for a new NC700S immediately after it was released. It's like a dream being able to ride without using my left foot. Although I use the MT mode in most cases, even the AT mode allows a ride similar to MT mode if used in conjunction with the shift switch, which I've found to be really satisfying.
  • Female, 28, Japan The NC700S is my first big motorcycle. Although comparisons with other models in terms of freedom from judders and shocks are impossible, I'm just glad that I can start and shift gears smoothly, which I used to have trouble with. In particular, starts on uphill slopes and low-speed maneuvers are much smoother and safer. When I rode a mid-sized bike, I failed several times in starts and stalled the engine, forcing me to stand there without being able to move. This never happens with the NC700S.
  • Male, 31, Japan I wanted to buy a bike equipped with Combined-ABS, however since the difference in price was only about 50,000 yen (about €400), I bought the Dual Clutch Transmission model. At first, the mechanical noise of the gears changing was annoying, but I got used to it after riding about 10 minutes or so. And although I used to have a negative attitude about the AT, I now like it quite a lot, and only use the shift buttons when needed.

NC700X (Dual Clutch Transmission)

  • Male, 38, Japan Since I was able to have a test ride on both the Dual Clutch Transmission model and the standard clutch version at the Honda Dream Shop, I carefully studied all the features and ended up buying the Dual Clutch Transmission version of the NC700X. Although this is my first experience with an automatic transmission, including scooters, I soon grew to like it because I was able to enjoy the movement I expected of a motorcycle, but with smoother and more comfortable acceleration and deceleration. I now use only the AT mode whenever I ride.
  • Female, 45, Spain I only use the MT mode shift switches. What I like is that I can always enjoy a smooth ride because there is no time lag when the clutch operates, and this prevents missed shifts through failure to properly engage the clutch. I only use AT mode when riding in the towns where the roads are rough and congested. The NC's long-stroke suspension helps ensure stable riding even over rough roads. Another attraction is that I feel like I can enjoy riding both a scooter and a sports bikes at the same time.
  • Male, 44, Italy I ride on secondary roads more frequently than on the autostrada, and ride tandem in most cases. My wife, who rides on the back, especially likes that there is no shift shock. I also feel that my riding enjoyment has increased, since I can concentrate on the riding without worrying that our helmets might bump when accelerating or reducing speed.
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