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Convenient,automated,effortless,Miimo mows the lawn so homeowners don’t have to

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External Power Source Changes Car into “Power Source on Wheels”

Connecting to vehicles. Connecting to Lifestyles.

Using Electricity from a Vehicle: Easy to Use, Portable External Power Output Device

Producing electricity and heat from natural gas with high energy efficiency
Household Gas Engine Cogeneration Unit

Featuring Honda-developed gas engine and compact generator technologies, Honda’s cogeneration unit produces both household electricity and heat from natural gas, resulting in the highly effective use of energy.

EXlink (Extended Expansion Linkage Engine)

By using expansion and exhaust strokes that are longer than the intake and compression strokes, EXlink achieves much greater thermal efficiency than a conventional engine.

Always Meeting the Needs of Generators

Honda will continue to built upon the knowhow gained through listening to its customers, to develop even better generators that meet the changing requirements of the times.

The Electric-Powered Blade Snow Thrower

The Yukios e provides the operator with electronic control for smooth operation, has a mechanism that thoroughly removes snow with minimal effort, and is equipped with ideas to make snow removal convenient even for the novice.

Hybrid Snowblower Combining High-Performance with Ease-of-Use Hybrid Snowblower

By pursuing ease-of-use and efficient operation for the customer, Honda’s unique snowblower was born, combining a new hybrid engine-motor system with automatic control.

Pleasant and Invigorating Acceleration BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque)

BLAST maximizes torque for full-throttle acceleration by controlling the air-fuel ratio, while determining ignition timing near knocking limits through spark-advance control.

Fueled by Home-use Butane Gas Canister Pianta Mini-Tiller

This led to the development of the Pianta Mini-Tiller, powered by home-use gas canisters readily purchased, used and stored.

Clean Exhaust and Highly Economical Engine for Handheld Equipment 360-degree-inclinable 4-Stroke Engine

The GX25 was developed to be “the world’s lightest,”“360-degree-inclinable” engine with “outstanding environmental performance,” and was not only smaller and lighter than its predecessor, but realized class-leading fuel economy and low-oil consumption.

Not all technologies depicted are used in all markets.

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