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Electric 4-wheel Scooters

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The Monpal ML200 4-wheel electric scooter was developed to provide senior citizens and other individuals that are unable to walk for a long period of time with secure and comfortable personal mobility. The Monpal has a maximum speed of 6 km, and can be operated legally on pedestrian sidewalks without a license.
The unit features a specially developed suspension that keeps the tires firmly in contact with the ground when going over small bumps and slopes, high-output brushless motors and high- efficiency control system. A compact body only slightly larger than a bicycle combined with a front fender providing a good view of the movement of the front wheels from the seat achieve a highly stable and comfortable ride. LONG * design that was developed using brain function analysis has been adopted, and reflective wheel caps have been provided to enhance visibility. The Monpal allows elderly individuals that were reluctant to go out because of their inability to walk to dramatically expand their range of activity. This is why many people have high expectations for this unit in light of the graying of society.

LONG : Longitudinal Oriented Normative temporal Gap Compensate
Fusion of Advanced Function and Design

When the headlight or other light source is in the center of the vehicle, it has the demerit of being difficult to judge distance for the drivers of other vehicles and pedestrians. Therefore, "LONG design" has been adopted for the ML200, where the tail lamps and direction indicators are located at a high position, and two headlights and reflectors are located at a low position, enhancing visibility by dispersing the sources of light. This fusion of advanced functionality and stylus design received the "2009 Invention Award from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry," one of several national invention awards. It also received the "Invention Implementation Achievement Award."

Fusion of Advanced Function and Design

Comfortable and Stylish Peace of Mind

The foremost focus during the design process was providing the senior citizens that use the vehicle with peace of mind. For example, the vehicle is designed to always start moving in the forward direction, even when it is set to reverse when the power is shut off. The independent right and left front suspension achieves a high level of stability and comfort. These functions allow people to achieve the same sense of security and freedom as when walking while enjoying the city sights and seasonal scenery, helping to facilitate an active life for senior citizens by providing personal mobility.

Comfortable and Stylish Peace of Mind

Next-Generation "EV-Monpal" 4-Wheel Electric Scooter

Honda proposed the "HELLO!"* mobility concept at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show that uses electricity generated with solar energy as one means to help achieve the low-carbon society of the future. The EV-Monpal is positioned as a unit to provide mobility in town. It is based on the current Monpal model, and features a focus on enhanced communication functions. In addition to the display of the charging status, parking time, location of automobiles?? and other information on the LCD screen, the EV-Monpal has (communication functions??) design that stands out so that other vehicles and pedestrians are aware when it will cross an intersection and make it easy for the rider to ask other parties to?? please go ahead.

Abbreviation for Honda Electric mobility Loop
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