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Butane Gas Power Products

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The Pianta FV200 Mini-Tiller, Salad CG FFV300 tiller and Enepo EU9iGB generator are powered by easy-to-use household butane gas canisters. Sales of the Pianta (released in March 2009) that is based on the concept of easy fuel handling, easy transport and storage, and easy operation exceeded ten thousand units in the first year. Sales channels for the Enepo that is used as an outdoor and emergency power source are increasing, and include ordinary households, corporations and various organizations.
Research into the reasons that tillers were not being used in more home gardens and by gardening enthusiasts was the trigger for the development of power products that are operated with butane gas. It was found that the foremost reason that people hesitated to purchase tiller was the hassle of purchasing, refilling and storing gasoline. This was followed by the trouble of transporting and storing the product. Honda selected butane gas fuel canisters that are widely used in Japanese households as the solution to these problems, and gave birth to a tiller that incorporates various ideas to make it easy to transport and store, as well as a host of functions that make it safe and convenient to use. Honda’s 4-stroke engine technology that has been nurtured over the years combined with gas engine technology, butane canister fuel control technology and various technologies to facilitate compact dimensions all contributed to the development of the compact and powerful butane gas powered engine with stable output. By utilizing butane gas canisters that are available in most households, butane gas power products have succeeded in transforming the image of tillers and generators as tools used by professionals, and are opening up a new market as tools engineering a new type of lifestyle.

Liquefied Butane Gas Canister Fuel

A variety of innovations were introduced to enable butane gas canisters that are currently mainly used as the fuel for portable cooking stoves to be used to power engines. With cooking stoves, the butane gas in the canister is channeled directly to burner. For application with an engine, a vaporizer was developed where the liquefied butane is discharged from the canister as a liquid and vaporization is promoted by the exhaust heat of the muffler. This achieved stable output at a low cost, enabling the introduction of the "Pianta."


Development of Natural Gas Engine

In addition to using butane gas canisters to fuel engines, Honda began the development of an engine that uses natural gas as a replacement fuel for gasoline at an early stage. The high durability highly reliable GE160V (1998) was developed as the power unit for the household cogeneration system that generates electricity for homes and supplies hot water at the same time. The GX390 (2002) was adopted by the Sapporo City Central Wholesale Market as the engine used in transport vehicles because of its clean exhaust gas emissions.

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