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Experiencing the Joy of Nature Through Farming

At the "Minuma-Tanbo Welfare Farm" located in Saitama City in Saitama Prefecture, five welfare organizations and approximately 200 volunteers ranging from the young to senior citizens are preserving the bountiful environment of Minuma Tanbo (rice field) that has continued since the Edo era. The Urawa North Rotary Club, a gathering of the proprietors of local businesses make up one of the groups of volunteers. Even the members of this club that have tried farming for the first time have become skilled in operating Honda tillers, and enjoy growing organic vegetables.

Experiencing the Joy of Nature Through Farming

In addition to eating the vegetables that they harvest, the club members sell the excess and use the profit to help fund operation of the welfare farm. Members of the club began participating in volunteer activities when they offered to provide economic support to Ryoichi Inose, the head of the Welfare Farm, and he said "Rather than providing support, why don't we work up a sweat farming together." The members have been able to experience an entirely different feeling of togetherness and accomplishment through interaction with people in welfare organizations and doing tasks together with student volunteers than through work in business. All of the club members have been captivated by the enjoyment of interaction with nature experienced while growing vegetables.

Experiencing the Joy of Nature Through Farming
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