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Mosambi Fresh Juice Under Bright Shining Lights Powered by a Honda Generator

The Noida district is in the suburbs about one hour by car from the center of Delhi, the capital of India. The construction of shopping malls and elevated railroads in this city is symbolic of the fast growth in India, and there are frequent blackouts due to power generation capacity not keeping up with the growth in demand.

Shop in Delhi has Generator for Blackouts

Mr. Sanjeev runs an outdoor shop selling fruit juice, and purchased a Honda EBK1000 generator four years ago to supply the power for the lights and electric blender. He sells fruit juice called Mosambi which tastes like a mixture of lemon and grapefruit for ten Rupee, which is about 23 yen*. He sells two hundred glasses a day. His income has quadrupled compared to when he had to worry about blackouts. Thanks to this success, he is able to send his children to school.

Purchasing the generator was the idea of Sanjeev's father who has passed away. They selected a Honda generator because they heard it was very portable and had good fuel economy. Sanjeev said "I like my EBK1000 so much after using it that I purchased a Honda motorcycle too." He went on to say "I take just one day off once a year. For the rest of the year I work with my Honda generator all day long." Even during blackouts, the bright lights of the shop powered by the Honda generator light up the mountain of Mosambi, the shop with its sweet fragrance and bright smiles on the faces of the many customers.

* Local exchange rate in 2008

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