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Beautiful Pitch Manicured with Honda Lawnmowers 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

The Honda HRH536 was the official lawnmower used to manicure the pitches for the 2010 FIFA World Cup held during the summer in the Republic of South Africa. Supporters from 32 countries rooted for their home team at each exciting game by blowing on their Vuvuzela horns. A total of 64 HRH536 lawnmowers were used to keep the playing fields in top condition at 10 soccer stadiums for all 64 matches. Total attendance during the championship amounted to approximately 3.18 million, and it is estimated the World Cup was watched by a total of 28 billion people around the world.

Ellis Park Stadium (Johannesburg), where 7 matches were played, including the semifinal between Spain and Paraguay.

When selecting a lawnmower for the event, in addition to a high level of basic performance, the FIFA association required the lawnmower be capable of cutting off the turf that is pulled up by the spikes on the players shoes to make it flat, and that they could make beautiful stripes on the pitch. The pitch must be flat for players to perform at their maximum potential, and in addition to providing a pleasant visual effect, the geometric green stripes serve an important role when officials make offside judgments that can affect the outcome of matches.

The high performance, reliability and durability of Honda lawnmowers, pumps, generators has won a high level of trust from users and OEM customers at a sporting event in South Africa that was so great it rivals the Olympics.

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