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June 16, 2016

Honda Taiwan’s Cumulative Automobile Production Reaches 300,000 Unit Milestone

Pingtung City, Taiwan, June 16, 2016 - Honda Taiwan held a ceremony to celebrate its 300,000 unit cumulative automobile production at its plant in Pingtung City. Attending the ceremony were Honda Taiwan executives represented by, Takato Ito, Chairman, and Hiroyuki Mannen, President, along with Honda Taiwan associates. At the ceremony, the 300,000th vehicle, which is a CR-V, the best-selling SUV in Taiwan’s history, was rolled off from the production line.

Honda Taiwan started to assemble automobiles since 2003 with CR-V, and gradually added the production line up to Accord, CIVIC, FIT, and CITY. The company continuously offers products which exceed Taiwanese customers’ demand, and delivers high-quality vehicles. The 300,000 unit cumulative production milestone is achieved only 4 years after its milestone of 200,000 unit cumulative production in 2012.

To further spread the pleasure of reaching 300,000 unit milestone, Honda Taiwan also provides the special sales promotion for the new registered owners of CR-V from 15 June to the end of July such as zero interest financial plan, extended warranty plan, and airline tickets package for two persons.

Since the establishment in 2002, Honda Taiwan constantly provides products that exceed customers’ expectation. Moving to the next milestone, the company commits to deliver joys to customers with products in good quality while strives to become a company that Taiwan society wants to exist.

<Honda Taiwan production milestones>

January 2003 Began production of CR-V
November 2003 Began production of Accord
April 2006 Began production of CIVIC
September 2007 Cumulative production reached 100,000 units
October 2008 Began production of FIT
May 2012 Cumulative production reached 200,000 units
June 2014 Began production of CITY
June 2016 Cumulative production reached 300,000 units

<About Honda Taiwan>

Import and sales: (Automobiles and motorcycles)
Name: Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd. (HTW)
Establishment: February 2002
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Capital investment:
3.6 billion New Taiwanese Dollars
Capitalization ratio: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 100%
Representative: Takato Ito, Chairman
Employment: Approx. 170 associates
Selling Products: Automobile: CITY, FIT, Accord, CR-V, ODYSSEY
Motorcycle: NSS300, CBR500R, CB650F, CBR650F, NC750S, NC750X,
Manufacturing: (Automobiles)
Name: Honda Taiwan Motor Co., Ltd. (HTW-M)
Establishment: February 2002
Location: Pingtung City
Site area: Land area 188,000m2 (Building area: 65,000m2)
Capital investment:
2.1 billion New Taiwanese Dollars
Capitalization ratio: Honda Taiwan Co., Ltd. 100%
Representative: Hiroyuki Mannen, President
Employment: Appox. 660 associates
Production capacity: 30,000 units/year
Products: CITY, FIT, CR-V (as of June 2016)            
Taiwan's cumulative automobile production reaches 300,000 Unit

Taiwan's cumulative automobile production reaches 300,000 Unit

Honda Taiwan Motor Co., Ltd. (HTW-M)

Honda Taiwan Motor Co., Ltd. (HTW-M)