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June 7, 2016

Honda Provides Africa Twin for “Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar” Program on National Geographic Channel
- Broadcast begins Tuesday, June 14 in over 170 countries and regions -

Tokyo, Japan, June 7, 2016 - Honda announced its provision of two CRF1000L Africa Twin adventure motorcycles and production support of the National Geographic Channel-produced “Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar” program. Australian fashion model Laura Csortan will be joined by experienced rally rider Christophe Barriere-Varju to traverse on CRF1000L Africa Twins the course in Morocco once part of the world’s most gruelling race, the Paris-Dakar Rally (now staged in South America as the Dakar Rally). On their extraordinary journey they will experience breathtakingly beautiful valleys and expansive vistas, making new friends along the way. The duo will introduce to the viewer, the bike ride of a lifetime.

Christophe will share his vast knowledge and demonstrate serious manual transmission off-road riding borne of his experience as a Paris-Dakar rider, while Laura will enjoy traversing an expansive continent on the DCT* model which does not require clutch operation. Their adventures, challenges, and encounters in Morocco will undoubtedly set the stage for a thoroughly entertaining program.
Visit National Geographic Channel’s website for the broadcasting schedule for this program in your country or region.

  • *Honda’s DCT-equipped motorcycles maintain the same direct feel as manual transmission models, yet unburden the rider from clutch and gear-changing operations, providing a superior dimension of sports riding and convenience.

National Geographic Channel’s website

Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar

Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar

Planned broadcasting schedule

  REGION Country 1st OA 2nd OA
EUROPE AFRICA Africa June 19th @21:00 June 20th @2:30
BALKANS Albania June 18th @20:55 June 18th @23:55
BALTICS Estonia June 24th @18:00 June 26th @10:56
EASTERN EUROPE Hungary June 27th @21:00 June 28th @9:00
Czech Republic /
FRANCE France June 14th @18:50 June 23rd @10:45
GERMANY Germany June 18th @14:20 June 19th @11:00
IBERIA Spain June 17th @19:10 June 19th @11:25
Portugal June 24th @14:30 June 27th @9:50
ITALY Italy June 25th @19:55 June 26th @13:25
NETHERLANDS Netherlands June 18th @18:00 June 19th @10:00
Belgium North
POLAND Poland June 18th @23:50 June 19th @11:00
ROMANIA Romania June 24th @16:00 June 25th @10:00
RUSSIA Russia June 24th @16:40 June 26th @10:46
Ukraine June 24th @18:40 June 26th @10:46
SCANDINAVIA Denmark June 25th @18:00 June 26th @10:35
Finland June 25th @18:10 June 26th @10:50
TURKEY Turkey June 25th @21:00 June 26th @7:30
UK UK June 18th @17:00 June 19th @9:00
N. AMERICA US US June 17th @18:00 -
CANADA Canada June 15th @18:00 June 16th @14:00
LATAM LATAM Bolivia June 16th @19:00 June 18th @14:00
WEST FEED Mexico June 16th @18:10 June 18th @14:00
ANDEAN FEED Colombia June 16th @18:10 June 18th @14:00
EAST FEED Argentina June 16th @19:00 June 18th @13:50
BRAZIL Brazil June 18th @16:30 June 19th @11:30
ASIA SEA SEA / Hong Kong June 23rd @20:00 June 23rd @24:00
CHINA China June 24th -
ASIA Japan June 25th @22:00 June 26th @19:00
KOREA Korea June 17th @20:00 June 18th @8:00
PHILIPPINES Philippines June 17th @19:00 June 18th @15:35
TAIWAN Taiwan June 24th @18:00 June 28th @3:00
INDIA India June 18th @1:00 June 22nd @7:00
MIDDLE EAST Middle East June 17th @21:00 June 18th @14:00
AUSTRALIA / NZ Australia / NZ June 17th @22:30 June 18th @8:30

Planned broadcasting schedule (China)
Schedules are subject to change by the broadcaster.

City TV Station Channels 1st OA
Beijing CETV Gen Education Channel (3) June 24th @23:00
Shanghai Shanghai TV Documentary Channel June 24th @17:30
Fujian Fujian TV City Channel June 24th @5:00
Sichuan Chengdu TV Children Channel June 24th @11:00
Tianjin Tianjin TV Science and Education Channel June 24th @1:05
Guangxi Nanning TV Public Channel June 24th @7:40
Anhui Hefei TV WenTi Channel (8) June 24th @15:05
Shanxi Taiyuan TV Film&drama Channel
June 24th @23:25
Jiangsu Zhenjiang TV Public Channel June 24th @22:55
Guizhou Guizhou TV Science & Health Channel (6) June 24th @21:30
Hubei Jingzhou TV City Channel June 24th @10:40
Ningxia Ningxia TV Education Channel June 25th @1:30
Hunan Hunan Economic TV Jinying Documentary Channel June 24th @17:00
Xinjiang Xinjiang Education TV Education Channel June 24th @18:58
Shandong JiNan TV Children Channel June 24th @23:30
Liaoning DaLian TV Children Channel June 24th @22:00
Hainan Sanya TV News Channel June 24th @23:30
Zhejiang Zhoushan TV Film&drama Channel June 24th @21:50
Heilongjiang Heilongjiang agricultural TV Agricultural Channel June 24th @22:17
Chongqing Chongqing TV Science & Education Channel June 24th @21:00

Riding Morocco: Chasing the Dakar