News Releases 2013

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June 18, 2013

Honda to Reuse Rare Earth Metal Extracted from Nickel-metal Hydride Batteries in Hybrid Vehicles for the Motors for Hybrid Vehicle Motors

TOKYO, Japan, June 18, 2013 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. agreed with TDK Corporation and Japan Metals & Chemicals Co., Ltd. (JMC) to jointly pursue the reuse of a rare earth metal extracted from nickel-metal hydride batteries in hybrid vehicles for magnets of new hybrid vehicle motors.

In early March of this year, Honda began supplying a battery manufacturer with rare earth metals extracted from used nickel-metal hydride batteries at a JMC plant for reuse in new nickel-metal hydride batteries of hybrid vehicles. Now, Honda will expand the reuse of extracted rare earth metals to motors for hybrid vehicles to achieve the further recycling of this limited and precious resources.

The three companies will begin detailed discussion toward the reuse in motors and begin the process as soon as a sufficient volume of used nickel-metal hydride batteries is secured.

Honda will remain committed to reducing the environmental footprint of the mobility society as a whole by developing fuel-efficient vehicles including hybrid vehicles, and also by strengthening networks which lead to the reuse and recycling of Honda products.

[Honda's process for reusing extracted rare earth metal in motors]

[Honda's process for reusing extracted rare earth metal in motors]