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June 18, 2013

Honda to Enhance Autonomy of Global Environmental Management

TOKYO, Japan, June 18, 2013 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will further enhance the autonomy of environmental management in each of its six regions - North America, South America, Europe, Asia & Oceania, China and Japan - as a part of the transformation of its global operations, which was announced at the CEO press conference held in September 2012.

In 1995, Honda established the World Environment and Safety Committee which discusses and determines plans for environmental conservation activities and reviews the implementation of such activities on a global level. In 2010, based on the recognition that environmental issues are a critical concern that impacts its business operations, the President & CEO became the chair of the World Environment and Safety Committee, and the COO in charge of each region began chairing each Regional Environment Committee. Under this structure, since 2010, Honda has been committed to environmental initiatives in each region striving to attain regional targets and goals that were set based on the globally shared environmental policies and technologies. Starting with this fiscal year, Honda will strive to further reduce its environmental footprint by accelerating unique regional environmental efforts in various areas including development, production and sales which better fit with the environmental regulations, standards and issues unique to each country and region.

<Key progress during the last year and the future agendas by each region>

North America
(Regional Environment Committee chaired by Tetsuo Iwamura / Executive Vice President and Representative Director)

Progress during 2012 Agendas for 2013 onward

・Start of Green Dealer Program (Apr. 2012)
40 dealership locations participated by the end of FY2013 (ended March 31, 2013). Strives to register total 100 dealership locations by the end of FY2014.

・Market introduction of Accord Plug-In (Jan. 2013)

・Start of Honda Solar City Partnership (Feb. 2013)
Began supporting Honda and Acura customers, and dealers to promote shift toward solar power generation.

・Market introduction of RLX equipped with SPORT HYBRID SH-AWD (before the end of 2013)

・Installing wind-power generation system at transmission production plant in the U.S.
Wind-power generation system to be installed at a transmission production plant in Ohio. The system is scheduled to become operational by the end of 2013 and generate 10% of energy used at the plant.

・Honda Smart Home US
A demonstration house, which achieves "Zero Net Energy" combining the house and automobiles, will be built within the campus of the University of California, Davis before the end of FY2014.

South America
(Regional Environment Committee chaired by Masahiro Takedagawa / Managing Officer)

Progress during 2012 Agendas for 2013 onward

・Announced the "FLEX one," a collective name for Honda's flexible fuel technologies for automobiles and motorcycles (Oct. 2012)

・Market introduction of 300cc-class flex fuel motorcycle (Jan. 2013)
Introduced the world's first flex fuel motorcycle model in 300cc class.

・Market introduction of all-new Civic 2.0 equipped with FLEX one (Feb. 2013)
Equipped with a FLEX one engine that adopts a sub-tank less system which eliminates the sub-tank used for gasoline for ignition while improving start-up performance.

・Market introduction of all-new CR-V equipped with FLEX one (May 2013)

・Wind power generation project (scheduled to become operational in 2014)
Announced to become the first automaker in Brazil to invest in wind power generation. The wind farm is expected to generate approximately 85,000 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to the current annual electricity needs for Honda automobile production in Brazil.

(Regional Environment Committee chaired by Manabu Nishimae / Managing Officer)

Progress during 2012 Agendas for 2013 onward

・Agreement on demonstration testing of fuel cell electric vehicle in Northern European countries (Sep. 2012)
Signed MOU with a group of Northern European countries which support widespread use of fuel cell electric vehicles and hydrogen fueling infrastructure. The term of the agreement is from 2014 to 2017.

・Market introduction of three mass-production scooter models (PCX, SH125i and SH150i) which realized fuel economy improvement of a maximum of 25%

・Market introduction of NC700 series and CB500 series which feature high fuel economy, low cost and high quality

・Market introduction in U.K. of European Civic equipped with all-new i-DTEC diesel engine (Jan. 2013)

・Adopting i-DTEC engine for CR-V and Civic Tourer
Starting from fall 2013, i-DTEC engine-equipped CR-V is scheduled to go on sale sequentially in European countries. Civic Tourer equipped with i-DTEC engine is scheduled to go on sale in early 2014.

Asia & Oceania
(Regional Environment Committee chaired by Hiroshi Kobayashi / Managing Officer)

Progress during 2012 Agendas for 2013 onward

・Start of local production of hybrid vehicle (Jazz Hybrid)
July 2012 in Thailand, October 2012 in Malaysia

・Market introduction of E85 fuel/CNG models in Thailand
City CNG was introduced in Thailand in September 2012. Expanding the E85 models sequentially to Civic, CR-V and Accord.

・Supra X125 Helm-in PGM-Fi received the Cleanest Emissions Award (Indonesia)

・Improved fuel economy of motorcycle models
Dream Yuga (India), Click125i (Thailand)

・Market introduction of the Amaze equipped with all-new i-DTEC diesel engine in India (Apr. 2013)

・Third motorcycle production plant became operational in India (May 2013)
Being a green factory designed based on the concept of "Joy to the Next Generation," the new plant features advanced environmental technologies such as covering more than 30% of annual water usage by utilization of rainwater.

(Regional Environment Committee chaired by Seiji Kuraishi / Operating Officer)

Progress during 2012 Agendas for 2013 onward

・Market introduction of total four hybrid models - three Honda models (CR-Z, Fit Hybrid and Insight) and one Acura model (ILX)

・Start of production at the second plant of Dongfeng Honda (Jul. 2012)
By shortening the painting process and recycling the waste heat, overall CO2 emissions were reduced by 20% compare to the existing plant.

・Start of construction of the third production line at Guangqi Honda plant (May 2013)
The third line will feature a solar power generation system with a 10,000 kW-capacity, the largest capacity solar power generation system installed by an automaker in China (the line will become operational in the first half of 2015).

EARTH DREAMS TECHNOLOGY will be introduced to China with JADE and all-new Accord which will go on sale in September 2013.

・Starting local production of hybrid vehicles within three years

(Regional Environment Committee chaired by Sho Minekawa / Senior Managing Officer)

Progress during 2012 Agendas for 2013 onward

・Disclosed Honda Smart Home System-equipped houses used for demonstration testing in Saitama City (Apr. 2012)

・Start of lease sales of Fit EV (Aug. 2012)

・Expansion of energy diversification products
EU9iGP, a propane gas-powered generator, went on sale in August 2012 to accommodate increasing demand for an emergency electric power source in case of disaster.

・Market introduction of i-MMD-equipped Accord Hybrid (Jun. 2013) and i-DCD-equipped all-new Fit (fall 2013)

・Yorii Plant starts operation (Jul. 2013)
The plant features a 2.6 MW capacity solar panel and highly-functional painting technology with shortened process.

・Increasing the number of solar panels installed at dealership locations
The original plan was to install solar panels with a total capacity of 1 MW before the end of the current fiscal year. As of today, the total capacity of solar panels installed has already reached 1.3 MW.