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March 14, 2012

Honda to Launch New "Honda Moto LINC" Membership-Based Service for Honda Motorcycle Owners

TOKYO, Japan, March 14, 2012 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it would launch the new Honda Moto LINC membership-based service for Honda motorcycle owners in Japan on Thursday, April 12, 2012. A free*1 service available to smartphone*2 users, Honda Moto LINC helps riders enjoy a more convenient motorcycle lifestyle.

Newly developed for Honda motorcycle owners, Honda Moto LINC is based on the Internavi LINC*3navigation system, which is currently available to Honda automobile owners in Japan. Any Honda motorcycle owner in Japan with a smartphone can download the application, register as a member on the exclusive website*4 and enjoy using the service.

Leveraging the same high-precision traffic information used in Honda's Internavi car navigation system, Honda Moto LINC offers the Internavi Route service to calculate riding routes, the Driving Information service to search for ideal touring locations, the Rain Gear Alarm service to alert the rider when rainfall is forecasted, the Honda Dealer Search service and many other services that make not only touring but also everyday riding more fun and convenient.

Going forward, Honda will continue to develop navigation services that go beyond conventional car navigation systems. By delivering a wide variety of detailed information to smartphones and other information devices, Honda will support motorcycle lifestyles that offer customers even greater enjoyment and sense of security.

  • *1The Driving Information service includes features for which a fee is charged. Further, telecommunication charges are the responsibility of the user.
  • *2Available for iPhone® with iOS 4.0 or higher and Android™ devices with Android 2.2 or higher (not available on certain Android devices)
  • *3Featuring traffic information, maintenance alerts, fuel economy histories and a wide variety of other useful information, Internavi LINC is a free, membership-based service available to all Honda automobile owners in Japan and accessible via the Internavi car navigation system, personal computers, mobile phones and smartphones; total membership is about 1.48 million people as of end of February, 2012.
  • *4Honda Moto LINC:
Honda Moto LINC application top screen (image)

Honda Moto LINC
application top screen (image)

Internavi Route screen (image)

Internavi Route screen (image)

Rain Gear Alarm screen (image)

Rain Gear Alarm screen (image)

Key services of Honda Moto LINC

Internavi Route

Leveraging proprietary Internavi traffic information, this service suggests the ideal time to depart for a selected destination and displays the route to the destination using Google Maps.*5

Rainfall and Snowfall Map

Before or during touring, this service displays for a selected location a rainfall and snowfall forecasts at regular intervals.

Rain Gear Alarm

During touring, this service monitors the rain forecast and alerts the rider if rainfall is anticipated.

Driving Information

This service suggests appealing destinations and routes for touring (a fee is charged for using certain features of this service). The rider may select any of the suggestions to instantly bring up the Internavi Route service for that destination.

Maintenance Log

This service alerts the rider by email when consumable parts require replacement or other maintenance is required.

Fueling and Fuel Economy Log

Using fueling volume and cost data entered by the rider, this service displays a graph of fuel economy over time.

Honda Dealer Search

Should a problem occur during touring, this service searches for nearby Honda dealers. The rider may select any of the search results to instantly bring up the Internavi Route service for that destination.

Motorcycle Parking Information

This service provides access to the "Complete Japan Motorcycle Parking Lot Guide" from the Nippon MotorCycle Association (NMCA).

  • *5"Google Maps" is a registered trademark of Google Inc.