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September 29, 2011

Honda Begins Sales of Ace CB125 and Ace CB125-D Low-priced, Strategic Small-sized Motorcycle Models in Nigeria

OTA, Nigeria, September 29, 2011 - Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) Ltd., a motorcycle production and sales subsidiary of Honda in Nigeria, today began sales of the all-new Ace CB125 and Ace CB125-D in Nigeria.

These two 125cc models were developed as Honda's low-priced, strategic small-sized motorcycle models for newly emerging markets, paying close attention to the ease of use, fuel economy, performance and durability while leveraging Honda’s global network to increase cost competitiveness. With the sales price of approximately 100,000 naira (approximately 50,000 yen*), which is affordable to many customers in the Nigerian market, Honda set an annual sales plan of more than 100,000 units.

Designed for use as a "bike taxi," which is popular as an inexpensive and convenient means of mobility for people in Nigeria, Ace CB125 achieved a low-price, high-durability and excellent practicality as well as enhanced comfort and load capacity by adopting a long seat. The Ace CB125-D, which was designed for a wide range of customers other than bike taxis, features a stylish and innovative design.

Honda will strive to increase sales of these low-priced strategic small-sized motorcycle models by introducing them to other African nations where the motorcycle market is expected to grow continuously in the future.

  • *Calculated based on the exchange rate of 1 naira = approximately 0.5 yen
Ace CB125

Ace CB125

Ace CB125-D

Ace CB125-D

<About Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) Ltd.>
Establishment : July 1979
Start of production : November 1980
Production capacity : 150,000 units/year
Capitalization : 76.3% Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Representative : Toshio Kuwana, President
Location : Ota, Ogun, Nigeria