News Releases 2011

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January 26, 2011

Honda Soltec to Release New Enhanced Thin-film Solar Cell in 2011

January 26, 2011—Honda Soltec Co., Ltd. will this year release a new thin-film solar cell with an even more compact design than the current model to allow efficient installation on a wide range of roof shapes. The module conversion efficiency*1 of the new solar cell module is expected to exceed 13.0%, ranking it among the world’s most efficient CIGS-based thin-film solar cells*2.

  • *1Based on the following formula to calculate the efficiency of converting solar energy striking 1m2 of module surface into electricity:
 Module nominal maximum output (W) × 100 
 Module area (m2) × 1000W/m2 
  • *2Solar cells consisting of a thin film made from a compound of copper, indium, gallium and selenium (CIGS)

[Key Features of the New Solar Cell]

  • The performance of the photosensitive CIGS layer has been improved and the surface area of the surrounding frame and other non-photosensitive portions reduced, resulting in approx. 10% increase in module conversion efficiency compared to the current model. This results in more power generated from the same installed surface area.
  • The new model is more compact, with only approx. two-third the module surface area of the current model, allowing it to be installed in limited space on a wide range of roof shapes. This will facilitate the efficient installation of more thin-film solar cells in a variety of locations.

The prototype manufactured using existing Honda Soltec equipment achieved a module conversion efficiency of 13.0%. Honda is working to further improve module conversion efficiency as it brings the product to market.

Honda’s independently developed CIGS thin-film solar cells require little energy in the manufacturing process, further contributing to environmental preservation. Honda will continue to contribute to the preservation of the global environment by developing thin-film solar cells that respond to market needs, thereby promoting further widespread use.


  Prototype Current Model (HEM130PCA)
Nominal maximum output per module (W) 89* 130*
External dimensions (mm)
width × length × height
926 × 738 × 37 1,417 × 791 × 37
Module conversion efficiency 13.0%* 11.6%*
Weight (kg) 8.7 14.3
Nominal open circuit voltage (V) 190 280
  • *These figures were measured by Honda under the conditions of AM1.5, solar radiation intensity of 1kW/m2, and module temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.
  • *Actual output will differ depending on solar radiation intensity, installation conditions (direction, angle, surrounding environment), geographical area, and temperature conditions.
  • *Prototype specifications may be different from the final product.