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June 3, 2010

Honda Releases the All-new BF115 4-stroke Outboard Engine Featuring Best-in-Class Acceleration and Fuel Economy

June 3, 2010 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the all-new BF115 (115PS) outboard engine, to debut on June 3 at Honda outboard engine dealers throughout Japan.

The all-new BF115 combines a 2.4-liter engine, the largest in its class*1, with the same BLAST*2 (Boosted Low Speed Torque) air/fuel ratio and ignition timing technology made popular in Honda's mid-to-large outboard engine series, to achieve prodigious acceleration along with outstanding torque characteristics over a wide range of engine speeds from low to high. The versatile BF115 can be used in a broad range of applications, from fishing boats to runabouts for leisure use.

A lean-burn system has also been added, boosting fuel economy by 20%*3 over the previous model*4 to deliver a combination of powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel economy. The BF115's battery charging performance, the best in its class*5, helps support the ever-increasing need for onboard device power.

  • *1115PS class
  • *2Honda's proprietary acceleration-enhancing technology, the BLAST system boosts torque during sudden acceleration by simultaneously optimizing the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.
  • *3Honda calculations, based on fuel consumption in EPA EM measurement mode
  • *4Honda calculations, compared to previous BF115 model
  • *5115PS class (Honda calculations)
BF115 4-stroke outboard engine

BF115 4-stroke outboard engine

Combined annual sales target (Japan and international): 1,100 units
(Japan: 100 units; international: 1,000 units)
Manufacturer's suggested retail price: ★indicates model shown in photo  
  BF115D LN ¥1,551,900 (¥1,478,000 before tax)
  BF115D XN ¥1,572,900 (¥1,498,000 before tax)  
  BF115D XCN ¥1,593,900 (¥1,518,000 before tax)  

Key Features of the BF115

  • Acceleration and cruising performance
  • Honda's proprietary acceleration-enhancing technology, BLAST, enhances acceleration performance through simultaneous, computer-controlled optimization of the air/fuel ratio and ignition timing.
  • The DOHC 2.4-liter in-line 4-cylinder engine boasts the largest displacement in its class, ensuring torquey performance over a wide range of engine speeds and best-in-class top speed.
  • A large-diameter propeller with outstanding propulsion efficiency is matched with a 2.14 reduction gear ratio to deliver high-thrust power.
  • Fuel economy
  • The BF115 employs an LAF sensor*6-equipped, PGM-FI*7 electronic fuel injection system to achieve lean-burn control*8 while cruising*9, delivering best-in-class*10 cruising fuel economy.
  • *6The LAF (Linear Air-Fuel ratio) sensor determines the engine combustion air/fuel ratio based on oxygen and unburned-fuel densities in the exhaust gas, allowing precise optimization of air/fuel ratios.
  • *7PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) is a Honda registered trademark.
  • *8The mode in which lean-burn control is used during cruising to achieve higher fuel economy is referred to as ECOmo.
  • *9'Cruising' refers to the operating speed range in which engine speed is maintained at approximately 50-80% of maximum rpm, with the throttle wide open.
  • *10115PS class (Honda calculations)
  • Exceptional usability
  • The new belt-drive, high-capacity alternator achieves best-in-class*11 40-ampere battery charging capacity.
  • Compliance with the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) 2000® Standard for Serial Data allows for use with a wide range of marine electronic devices.
  • A trolling control switch, available as optional equipment, allows for 50 rpm-increment control in the 650-900 rpm range. A buzzer indicates changes in and out of trolling mode and incremental rpm adjustments.
  • *11115PS class (Honda calculations)
  • Durability
  • The BF115 is equipped with four warning lights, including an oil pressure alert, overheat alert, ACG warning, and PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system warning to detect any malfunction or irregularity and alert the operator.
  • Easy maintenance
  • A flush valve joint permits easy engine cleaning after use.
  • A two-piece under-cover promotes greater ease of maintenance.
  • The lightweight engine cover opens with a single lever for fast, easy removal.
  • Environmental performance
  • The BF115 displays outstanding environmental performance, surpassing US CARB*12 emissions standards*13 - the most stringent in the world. It also exceeds secondary restrictions on marine engine emissions established by the Japan Boating Industry Association by a significant margin.
  • *12CARB: California Air Resources Board
  • *13Top rating (3 stars) for FY2008 (current product)
  • BF115 Specifications
Model BF115D
Steering System Remote
Device Type LN XN XCN
Environmental Conservation Organization Certification Number (issued in Japan) 21 Ocean No. 0002
Engine Water-cooled, 4-stroke, inline 4-cylinder, vertical shaft, DOHC,4 valves per cylinder
Displacement (cm3) 2,354
Bore × Stroke (mm) 87×99
Rated Power [kW(PS)/rpm] 84.6(115)/5,250
Recommended rpm range 4,500-6,000
Cooling System Water cooled (with thermostat)
Ignition System Microcomputer-programmed battery ignition
Starting System Electric
Battery Charging Capacity 12V-40A
Exhaust System Underwater (propeller boss discharge)
Fuel Unleaded gasoline
Overall Length (mm) 845
Overall Width (mm) 580
Overall Height (mm) 1,665 1,790
Transom Height (mm) 508 635
Dry Weight (kg, with propeller) 217 220 223
  • The propeller, remote control, gauges and other parts for the BF115 may be optional (sold separately).