News Releases 2010

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July 8, 2010

Honda Begins Sales of All-New Compact Multi-Wagon Freed Spike

TOKYO, Japan, July 8, 2010 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced it will begin sales of the all-new Freed Spike compact multi-wagon in Japan on July 9, 2010. The Freed Spike features a compact body size for nimble maneuvering, a spacious and high-utility cabin and a cargo area ideal for an extensive range of uses.

Under the key phrase "a compact vehicle loaded with possibilities," the Freed Spike leverages the packaging technology of the acclaimed Freed to secure a spacious cabin and cargo area, with a special emphasis on making it fun-to-use by providing utility not only during travel, but also after reaching the destination.

<High utility for active lifestyles>

  • Reversible, dual-height floor panels - a new concept from Honda - enables the user to make the rear of the cargo area slope down deeper or flat as needed for stowing sports and camping equipment or even for sleeping in the vehicle.
  • The rear seats can be arranged in several different configurations to add to the flexibility of the large cargo area.
  • A foldaway table and a wide variety of storage compartments are conveniently designed into the cargo area.

<Individualistic styling for personal expression>

  • With styling that conveys tough and versatile individuality, the Freed Spike helps users express their playful spirit and individual characteristics.

<Practicality for everyday use>

  • The compact body size helps make driving easy while the spacious interior offers exceptional utility and convenience.
  • The Freed Spike combines ample power with outstanding fuel economy and a smooth, stable and comfortable ride.

Note: The name "Freed Spike" combines "free" and "do" ("Freed") with "spike" to characterize the vehicle's toughness, functionality and playful athletic spirit.

Freed Spike G Aero (FWD)

Freed Spike G Aero (FWD)

  • Monthly sales target (Japan):     2,500 units
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price     ◎ Indicates model shown in photo
Type Engine Transmission Drive Price
(incl. consumption tax)
(before tax)
C 1.5L i-VTEC CVT FWD ¥1,598,000 ¥1,521,905  
5AT 4WD ¥1,797,000 ¥1,711,429  
G CVT FWD ¥1,698,000 ¥1,617,143  
5AT 4WD ¥1,897,000 ¥1,806,667  
   Just Selection CVT FWD ¥1,788,000 ¥1,702,858  
5AT 4WD ¥1,987,000 ¥1,892,381  
G Aero CVT FWD ¥1,988,000 ¥1,893,334  ◎
5AT 4WD ¥2,187,000 ¥2,082,858  
Gi Aero CVT FWD ¥2,468,000 ¥2,350,477  
  • *Prices are for reference only and do not include insurance, taxes (except consumption tax), registration or other fees.
  • *In accordance with Japan's automobile recycling law, a separate recycling fee will be levied. The recycling fee includes a recycling deposit (to cover expenses required to recycle shredder dust, air bags and fluorocarbons, plus an information management fee) and a capital management charge.
  • *There is an additional charge of ¥31,500 (¥30,000 before consumption tax) for the Premium Night Blue Pearl, Premium Blackish Pearl and Premium White Pearl body colors.
  • Seven body colors:     Cool Turquoise Metallic (new), Passion Red Pearl, Premium Night Blue Pearl, Premium Blackish Pearl, Premium White Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Polished Metal Metallic
  • One interior color:     Black
  • Key Features of the Freed Spike
  • Packaging
  • While maintaining a spacious interior, the compact body has a length of 4,210 mm, width of 1,695 mm and height of 1,715 mm*1 for easy parking in tight spaces and smooth driving on narrow streets.
  • The long 2,740 mm wheelbase supports generous interior space. At the same time, the compact design of the engine and other parts allows for an ample steering angle, resulting in a minimum turning radius of 5.2 m and highly nimble maneuvering.
  • Honda's proprietary low-floor, low-center-of-gravity technology allows the slender fuel tank to be positioned beneath the rear seats. Combined with the advanced sub-floor structure, this fuel tank position makes possible an extremely low and flat floor.
  • Thanks to the low floor, passengers in the rear seats sit only 390 mm*2 above the ground, making access easy for children and seniors. The one-step floor design results in a flat floor between the seats and the doors and substantially enhances legroom.
  • Sliding rear doors on either side of the vehicle achieve a large 600 mm*2 door opening for easy ingress and egress even in cramped spaces. Power sliding rear doors offer convenient access when hands are full (available on certain models).
  • The easy to see and operate instrument panel controls are sorted by function, while also facilitating easy walk-through between the driver and front passenger seats.
  • *1FWD models without sky roof
  • *2Honda calculations
  • High-Utility Cargo Area
  • Two reversible dual-height floor panels, a new concept from Honda, flip over lengthwise to alter the height of the cargo floor. Thanks to the 60:40 split floor panel, cargo of all shapes and sizes can be accommodated. To operate, simply lift a panel by its inset handle for easy removal and placement.
  • With the combination of plastic and aluminum materials, the dual-height floor panels are lightweight, but strong.
  • The rear seats combine exceptional comfort with a convenient dive-down mechanism. Slender in design to lie flat in dive-down mode, these seats feature cushions with S-shaped springs for exceptional comfort.
  • A foldaway table that can be used for numerous fun activities and a spotlight with an adjustable angle provides convenient illumination in the cargo area (available on certain models*3).
  • The rear side pockets and wheel-well-integrated side lining trays are ideal for storing small items. Tie-down hooks offer a convenient way to secure luggage and other cargo.
  • *3Standard on the G Just Selection, G Aero and Gi Aero
  • Exterior Design
  • The dynamic exterior design reflects the Freed Spike's functionality and ability to support an active lifestyle.
  • The rear quarter panels, identical in color to the body, emphasize the ample size of the cargo area. Details such as the blacked-out pillar garnishes and stylish rear combination lights convey the Freed Spike's tough but functional individuality.
  • The gun metal-colored front grille and headlights make a bold impression, and the lower bumper accentuates the vehicle's wide stance.
  • Interior Design
  • The black interior color scheme conveys the image of tough and useful tools.
  • Interior panels call to mind burnished titanium*4 while the door linings offer a soft feel.
  • Garnishes on the steering wheel spokes add a stylish touch.
  • The blue illumination of the meters and illuminated rings in the drink holders*4 for the driver and front passenger add functionality and elegance to the interior.
  • *4Standard on the G Just Selection, G Aero and Gi Aero
  • Driver Support
  • With front pillars designed to maximize visibility, side window sills that descend forward and oversized quarter windows, the Freed Spike offers the driver an excellent field of vision that enhances driving enjoyment and safety.
  • The meters feature active and elegant blue illumination, while meter placement above the steering wheel enhances visibility and minimizes eye movement.
  • Available on certain models, the backup support mirror*5 helps reveal blind spots behind the vehicle for enhanced peace of mind. Yellow guidance lines on the mirror's projected upright image help the driver confirm the position of the vehicle and its distance from other objects.
  • *5Standard on C, G, G Just Selection, and G Aero; when the optional Honda HDD InterNavi System is selected on the G, G Just Selection, or G Aero, a backup camera replaces the backup support mirror
  • Powertrain
  • The 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine offers outstanding fuel economy of 16.4 km/L,*6 as well as ample torque and smooth performance even when the vehicle is loaded with luggage or equipment.
  • The continuously variable transmission (CVT)*7 with torque converter offers smooth, exhilarating performance under a wide variety of driving conditions. The torque converter supports smooth, powerful off-the-line starts, while the CVT offers smooth and seamless acceleration without shift shock.
  • *6Fuel economy of FWD models measured in 10・15 mode by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • *7FWD models
  • Safety and Environmental Performance
  • The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure enhances self-protection as well as mitigating damage to other vehicles in the event of a collision.
  • Pedestrian-injury mitigation technology helps protect pedestrians from head, leg and other injuries in the event of a collision.
  • Along with the front seat i-side airbag system, the side curtain airbag system helps reduce the risk of head or neck injury in a side impact (standard on Gi Aero).
  • Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) is available on certain models.*8
  • All models are certified by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as complying with the 2005 - 75% emissions standard.
  • FWD models are certified by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as complying with the 2010 + 25% fuel economy standard.
  • 4WD models are certified by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as complying with the 2010 + 5% fuel economy standard.
  • *8Standard on Gi Aero; optionally available on G Just Selection and G Aero