News Releases 2009

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Power Products
February 12, 2009

Honda Begins Sales of the Pianta FV200 Gas-Powered Mini-Tiller Designed to Run on Home-use Butane Gas Canisters

February 12, 2009 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin sales in Japan of the Pianta*1 FV200, an easy-to-use gas-powered mini-tiller that runs on readily available, easy-to-use and store home-use butane gas canisters. The new tiller will go on sale in Japan on Tuesday, March 3, 2009 at Honda power products dealers (authorized agricultural equipment dealers and home centers) throughout Japan.

The Pianta FV200 is designed to provide easy fuel handling and operation, and for easy transport and storage. Designed to use butane gas canisters, widely available for home-use portable stoves, it enables easy engine startup and refueling so that even a novice can enjoy flower and vegetable gardening more casually. It comes with a carrying box to help keep the storage area clean and a carrying stand with built-in wheels (standard equipment), to ensure easy transport and storage for outstanding all-round convenience. The Pianta's butane-powered engine emits 10% less CO2*2 than a gasoline engine of the same displacement.

With the introduction of the Pianta FV200, Honda intends to cultivate new demand in Japan's flower and vegetable gardening market, which is estimated at more than 30 million people*3, spurred by growing interests in food safety and the baby-boomer generation.

  • *1'Pianta' is Italian for 'plant'
  • *2Honda calculations
  • *3Honda survey (resource: Dentsu Research)
Sports Modulo S2000 Concept

Pianta FV200 gas-powered tiller

Sports Modulo Fit Concept

Complete with carrying box and stand

●Annual sales plan(Japan): 6,000 units
●Manufacturer's suggested retail price ¥104,790
Pianta FV200 (¥99,800 before consumption tax)

Key Features of the Pianta FV200

Three features that contribute to outstanding ease of use

  • 1)Easy fuel handling
  • The Pianta FV200 is powered by readily available, easy to handle home-use butane canisters. The compact canisters are easy to carry and to store.
  • The butane canister is inserted into a special canister case for one-touch re-fueling.
  • The use of gaseous fuel eliminates problems with clogged fuel lines, for smooth start-up even after long periods of storage.
  • A structure which eliminates impurities from the canister gas is built into the regulator, preventing impurities from entering the mixer. This improves start-up performance and durability after long periods of use.
  • 2)Easy transport and storage
  • The FV200's foldable handle saves storage space and make it easy to transport by vehicle. The front guard and carrying handle are optimally positioned for easy hand carrying.
  • The tiller can be put in the carrying box without lifting it off the ground, allowing the tiller to be transported without soiling the user's clothes or the transport passage.
  • A carrying stand with built-in wheels (standard equipment) ensures smooth, easy transport.
  • 3)Easy operation
  • Starting the engine is an easy four-step operation: 1) attach the special canister case containing a butane canister; 2) open the gas valve lever; 3) turn on the engine switch; and 4) pull on the recoil rope.
  • A centrifugal clutch ensures easy operation: the rotor operates/stops when the user holds down/releases the throttle lever. Gradual operation of the throttle lever ensures a smooth start.
  • Adjustor pins make it easy to attach or remove the carrying stand, a resistance rod or other accessories used in tilling.

Superior tilling performance

  • The Pianta FV200 is capable of operating for one hour and tilling approximately 106m2 on a single canister which contains 250 grams of butane fuel. Features such as tiller blades newly designed for maximum compatibility with the unit and a resistance rod with optimized shape and attachment positioning ensure ample forward propulsion and a powerful feel in a lightweight, compact unit.

Outstanding environmental performance

  • CO2 emissions per hour of operation is approximately 10% less than a gasoline engine of the same displacement.
  • The engine rpm automatically decreases when the user releases the throttle lever, reducing both fuel consumption and noise during idling.
  • Considering users who do early-morning tilling, noise is reduced through the use of a large silent muffler, provided as standard equipment, along with a plastic cover over the engine.


  • The Pianta FV200's design employs rounded curves in a simple, bean-like form that adds a touch of style to gardening.

Optional attachments (sold separately)

  • Hilling and ridging operations: Green Hiller (with tail wheel); New Yellow Hiller (with tail wheel); Hilling Wheel
  • Weeding operations: Spiral Rotor
  • For stable tilling: Side Disk


Model Pianta
Type FV200/J
Dimensions (mm) L × W × H 1,055 × 485 × 990
Dry Weight*4 (kg) 20
Outfitted Weight (kg) 23
Model GXV50
Type Air-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHV
Displacement (cm3) 49.4
Output / Engine Speed (kW[PS]/rpm) 1.0[1.4]/4,600
Max. Output  (kW[PS]/rpm)* 1.1[1.5]/5,000
Fuel LPG (liquid butane in designated canister) *5
Fuel Capacity (g) 250 (standard volume per canister)
Operating Temperature Range (˚C) 5~40
Ignition System Transistorized magneto
Starter Type Manual recoil
Main Clutch Type Centrifugal
Transmission speeds 1 forward
Tilling Width (mm) 350/200 (with tines retracted)
Tine diameter (mm) 250
Rotating Speed (rpm) 135
  • *4Not including fuel (butane canister), carrying stand, or carrying box.
  • *5Only Honda-designated butane canisters should be used for fueling.
  • *The engine output indicated here is the engine's net output value measured at 5,000 rpm (maximum output) in accordance with SAE J1349 standards. The output volume of mass-produced engines may vary. The output of engines installed in power products may vary due to engine speed, the environment in which the power product is used, maintenance conditions, or other factors.