News Releases 2009

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March 11, 2009

Honda to Begin Production, Sales and Export of Freed Model in Indonesia

Jakarta, Indonesia, March 11, 2009 - P.T. Honda Prospect Motor, Honda's automobile manufacturing and sales joint venture in Indonesia, today announced plans to produce and sell the Freed model in Indonesia, starting June 2009. In addition, exports to multiple countries in the Southeast Asia region are scheduled to begin before the end of this year. Indonesia will be the first country in regions outside Japan where the Freed will be produced and sold.

In Indonesia, demand for multi-passenger vehicles, categorized as "Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)," is high and increasing to the point where it accounts for approximately 40% of total auto sales in that country*1. With the Freed, Honda will propose a new value of "comfortable and stylish minivan" targeting the "new family" demographic in urban areas.

The Freed is a new compact minivan which fuses an easy-to-maneuver compact body size, spacious cabin which comfortably seats adults in all three rows, and stylish design. Since its introduction in May 2008, sales of the Freed in Japan has been very strong, with cumulative sales during the second half of calendar year 2008 (July - December 2008) ranking number one in the minivan category*2 in Japan.

Based on Honda's long-standing commitment to "build products close to the customer," Honda has been establishing a complementary regional supply system for parts and finished vehicles while leveraging unique characteristics and advantages of each market. In the case of the Freed, parts and components will be procured in multiple countries, mostly in the ASEAN region including Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, to enhance the competitive advantage of the product. Honda will accelerate an effort to further strengthen its business foundation and continue providing products beyond customers' expectations in Indonesia and other markets in Asia where long-term growth is expected.

  • *1In 2008, industry-wide MPV (excluding hatchback type) sales in Indonesia was 231,000 units, whereas overall automobile sales was 608,000 units.
  • *2Minivan category means vehicles with three rows of seats.

About P.T. Honda Prospect Motor

Established: March 1999
Capital Investment: US$70 million
Capitalization Ratio: 51% Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  49% P.T. Prospect Motor
Location: Head office: Jakarta / Auto plant: Karawang
Representative: Yukihiro Aoshima
Employment: Approximately 3,000 associates
Business: Production and sales of automobiles
Products: Jazz (Fit in Japan), CR-V, Freed (starting June 2009)
Production Capacity: 50,000 units annually