News Releases 2008

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April 14, 2008

New Honda Motorcycle Plant at Kumamoto Factory Begins Operation

Japan, April 14, 2008 'ndash; Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that production has begun at the new motorcycle plant it has constructed within the property of Honda's Kumamoto Factory.

The new plant was built with the concept of a "people-friendly and environmentallyresponsible plant" and the key words of "light, wind and water." Employing Honda's state-of-the-art high efficiency production technologies, the new plant will serve as the global leader of Honda's motorcycle production operations around the world. In addition, Honda sought to reduce any impact on the surrounding environment, as the plant is located near the base of Mt. Aso, as well as achieve a further improvement of the work environment. The plant employs environmental initiatives from various perspectives, including the installation of a solar panel system and utilization of natural light. As a result, the new plant is built as a "green factory" which will achieve a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to the existing motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory.

While maximizing use of existing facilities and equipment, new equipment and technologies have been introduced based on the ideas of Honda production associates, such as automatic lifts and lift assist devices, that help associates in processes involving heavy components. Through these measures, the new plant achieves ergonomic improvements in production processes and a better work environment, as well as improved production flexibility.

Further, the motorcycle production line from the existing motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory gradually will be transferred to the new plant, with the transfer expected to be completed before the end of 2008. Motorcycle engine production will also be transferred to this new plant from Honda's Hamamatsu Factory before the end of 2009.

Once the process of consolidating motorcycle production is complete, the new plant is scheduled to produce a full range of motorcycles from the 50cc models, such as Super Cub to medium and large-sized motorcycle models.

The new motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory (exterior)

The new motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory (exterior)

The new motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory (overhead view)

The new motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory (overhead view)

About the new motorcycle plant at Kumamoto Factory

  Location : 1500 Hirakawa, Ohzu-machi, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto, Japan
Production models : small, medium, and large-sized motorcycles, ATVs
Production capacity : 500,000 units /year (including ATVs)
Capital Investment : Approximately 33 billion yen (including investment related to the transfer of engine production)
Building size : Approximately 64,000 m2