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November 24, 2008

Honda Holds FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle Debut Event for Children

Tokyo, Japan, November 23, 2008 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today held The FCX Clarity Experience Opening, a special event introducing the advanced fuel cell vehicle to children. The event featured a presentation on the structure and function of fuel cells and rides in the FCX Clarity on public streets, providing children an opportunity to learn more about environmental issues, dream their own dreams of advanced technology, and experience the wonder of the FCX Clarity by seeing and touching the actual vehicle. This experience also encouraged children to take a step ahead of adults and envision a more environmentally responsible future, one in which the first automobile they drive will be a fuel cell vehicle.

To allow the greatest number of people possible to personally experience the wonder of the FCX Clarity, Honda plans to hold a wide variety of events throughout Japan.

The FCX Clarity will also serve as the lead car in the 85th Tokyo-Hakone Ekiden Race, to be held January 2-3, 2009.

In addition, in October 2008 Honda launched the Honda Green Machine*1 corporate environmental advertising campaign, featuring Peanuts*2 characters. In mid-December the campaign will further expand with a new series of television and newspaper advertisements.

  • *1The message of the Honda Green Machine campaign is that motor vehicles can coexist with the environment and people need not sacrifice the joy of mobility, and that Honda is contributing to environmental conservation through environmentally responsible technologies and products.
  • *2Created by Charles M. Schulz and featuring Charlie Brown and his dog Snoopy, the cartoon Peanuts has been in publication since 1950. Popular in 75 countries around the world and translated into 21 languages, Peanuts has been a favorite in Japan for four decades and is widely read by children and adults alike.

Peanuts © United Feature Syndicate, Inc.

FCX Clarity (Japan model)

FCX Clarity (Japan model)