News Releases 2008

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April 16, 2008

FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle Official Car for 2008 Indy Japan

April 16, 2008—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced that the FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle will serve as the official car of the 2008 Indy Japan event (2008 IRL IndyCar Series 3rd race: Bridgestone Indy Japan 300 Mile) to be held at Twin Ring Motegi in Tochigi, Japan, April 17-19.

Since 2007, all IRL IndyCar series racers run on low environmental impact 100% ethanol fuel. Scheduled for release in the U.S. in the summer and in Japan in the autumn of this year, the FCX Clarity runs on hydrogen and emits no CO2 or other environmentally harmful emissions in operation, making it an ideal vehicle for the event. The fuel cell vehicle emits only water and is regarded as the ultimate environmentally responsible vehicle.

The FCX Clarity is powered by the highly compact, efficient and powerful Honda V Flow fuel cell stack. Boasting a low-slung, dynamic and sophisticated appearance made possible by the innovative layout of the fuel cell power plant, the FCX Clarity offers superior design and driving performance as well as environmental responsibility.

Among other duties, the FCX Clarity official car will act as a pace car at the start, leading the 18 race cars participating in the Indy Japan event, and will be on display inside the Twin Ring Motegi paddock.

Indy Japan Official Car: FCX Clarity

Indy Japan Official Car: FCX Clarity

FCX Clarity: Principal Specifications (U.S. Model)

Number of occupants 4
Motor Max. output 100kW
Max. torque 256N・m
Type AC synchronous electric motor
(permanent magnet)
Fuel cell stack Type PEMFC
(Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell)
Max. output 100kW
Fuel Type Compressed hydrogen gas
Storage High-pressure hydrogen tank(35MPa)
Tank capacity 171 liters
Dimensions(L×W×H) 4,835×1,845×1,470mm
Vehicle weight 1,625kg
Maximum speed 160km/h
Energy storage Lithium ion battery

Note: All values Honda calculations