News Releases 2007

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August 7, 2007

Honda's Cumulative Motorcycle Production in Brazil Reaches 10 Million Milestone

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, August 6, 2007 - Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda.(HDA), a Honda motorcycle business subsidiary in Brazil, announced Honda's cumulative motorcycle production in Brazil reached 10 million units in August 2007. The commemorative ceremony which was held August 3, 2007, at HDA's Manaus plant was attended by dignitaries, guests including officials from local governments, business partners along with Honda associates and Sho Minekawa, Honda's chief operating officer for Regional Operations (South America). 

Honda established HDA in 1975 and began motorcycle production in Brazil in the following year with CG125 model. Honda currently produces 16 models with total annual production capacity of 1.35 million units, which is scheduled to be expanded to 1.5 million units by the end of this year. In the area of motorcycle sales in Brazil, Honda established a strong sales network by offering an installment sales system which is unique to Brazil. 

The motorcycle market in Brazil is constantly growing and reached approximately 1.27 million units in 2006, a 24% increase from 2005. The market is expected to grow further in 2007 to approximately 1.55 million units, a 22% increase from 2006. Due to strong sales of key products including CG150 TITAN, CG125 FAN and Biz125, Honda's sales is showing rapid growth, achieving 1.02 million units in 2006, a 22% increase from 2005 and 640,000 units for the first six months (January through June) of 2007, a 25% increase from the same period in 2006.

About Moto Honda da Amazonia Ltda.

Establishment : 1975
Start of Production : 1976
Capital Investment : 456.465 million Brazilian Real
Investment Ratio : 100% Honda South America Ltda.
Representative : Sho Minekawa, President
Location : Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil
Business : Motorcycle production and sales
Employment : Approximately 7,500 associates
Major Products : CG150, CG125, Biz125, NXR150, CBX250, POP100 etc.