News Releases 2006

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Power Products
January 23, 2006

Honda Releases the New Monpal ML200 Electric Wheelchair

January 23, 2006—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the new Monpal ML200, a stylish 4-wheel scooter with a comfortable ride and high maneuvering stability that delivers easy, carefree operation. The new Monpal will be available throughout Japan starting Wednesday, March 15 at specified Honda power product and motorcycle dealers that offer Monpal products1.

With a compact overall width of just 595mm and a front fender that makes it easy to see the direction and motion of the front wheel from the driver’s seat, the Monpal ML200 offers a slim, smart package with outstanding maneuverability. The specially developed suspension keeps the tires firmly in contact with the ground even over minor sidewalk gradations, to continually maintain a comfortable, stable ride. Furthermore, a high-output, brushless motor and newly developed, high-efficiency control system achieve top-class hill climbing stamina with very little speed loss on uphill slopes and 25km of continuous operation2 on a single battery charge, along with smoother starting, stopping and handling.

The design features a slim, nimble form and distinctive U-shaped pillar design that gives firmly protected feeling to the driver. Also, for the first time in a commercial vehicle, the Monpal ML200 employs the LONG3 visibility enhancement design developed using cerebral functioning analysis and adapted from the Honda ASV-3 advanced safety research vehicle, to ensure improved driver visibility.

  • 1)Honda power product and motorcycle dealers certified to provide safe driving instruction for the Monpal and trained and certified in Monpal service technology
  • 2)Deluxe Type (Standard Type: 16km)
  • 3)LONG: Longitudinal Oriented Normative temporal Gap compensation
  • *The Monpal ML200 is an electric wheelchair with a model designation number from the Japanese National Public Safety Commission. Users of such vehicles are regarded by law as pedestrians on public roads and therefore do not require a driver’s license. Operators are required to drive on sidewalks.
Monpal ML200 Deluxe Type

Monpal ML200 Deluxe Type

  • Annual sales target (Japan): 3,500 units
  • Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (consumption tax-exempt in Japan):
    Standard Type ¥328,000
    Deluxe Type ¥378,000

Key Features

< Simple operation >

  • Operation is simple—just press down on the drive lever to go, and release it to stop. Forward and Reverse are controlled by a switch.
  • A loop-shaped handle ensures steadiness on slopes and irregular surfaces, while drive levers have been added on both sides to help reduce fatigue during extended operation.
  • A large operating panel makes it easy to confirm at a glance the remaining battery level, recharge status, and hand brake engagement.

< High driving performance and stability with a comfortable ride >

  • Independent front suspension with non-linear springs and floating-axle rear suspension ensure outstanding ground-holding capability on slopes and uneven terrain, for solid driving stability. The suspension is complemented with a newly developed seat with a thicker cushion and higher backrest to give the Monpal ML200 a level of riding comfort that puts it at the top of its class.
  • The newly developed, high-efficiency control system uses a high-output brushless motor and digital map data to deliver the optimum amount of torque for the angle of incline and vehicle speed. This results in superior hill-climbing stamina with a minimal drop in speed and smoother starting, stopping and handling, while also achieving 25km of continuous operation1 on a single battery charge.

< Solid safety and an advanced design that offers enhanced visibility >

  • The stylish, advanced design features a slim, nimble form and distinctive U-shaped pillar design that gives firmly protected feeling to the driver.
  • The front fender makes it easy to see the direction and motion of the front wheel from the driver’s seat for superior operability, while the overall width of just 595mm results in a smart-looking package with outstanding maneuverability.
  • Use of the LONG design concept
    When a headlight or other light source is located in the center of the body it can be difficult for drivers or pedestrians to judge the distance to the vehicle. To offset this, a high-positioned tail light2 with directional indicators and continuously illuminated LED is mounted high on the body along with two low-positioned headlights and reflectors. These combine with reflector-equipped wheel covers3 to ensure enhanced visibility.
  • The Monpal ML200 is equipped with various features to ensure a high level of safety and avoid mishaps. Should the operator squeeze the drive lever too tightly during an emergency stop, an emergency grip-stop function automatically stops the wheelchair. The forward-reverse switch is also equipped with an automatic reset function that resets the wheelchair to move forward upon startup.
  • The rotating seat3 features a lock function that will not allow the wheelchair to be operated while the seat is in the rotated position.
  • Punctureless tires are employed to avoid the inconvenience of a flat tire.

< Exceptional convenience >

  • The rotating seat3 can be rotated to two positions at either 45° or 90° left or right, for a significant improvement in ease of getting on and off.
  • The turn signal switch automatically turns off the turn signal lights when the handle is returned to the center position.
  • 1)Standard Type: 16km
  • 2)Standard Type employs a rear reflector
  • 3)Deluxe Type
  • Body Colors
    Available in three colors: Classical White, Muelheim Green, and Primary Red (custom color for Deluxe Type)


Model Name Monpal ML200
Type Standard (J) Deluxe (J2)
Dimensions (mm) Length × Width × Height 1,190 × 595 × 1,045
Seat Dimensions (mm) Width × Depth × Seatback Height
(including arm rests)
465 × 550 × 375 550 × 550 × 375
Vehicle Weight (kg) 97 112
Tire Size 80/80-6
Batteries Lead battery w/ control valve
(12V-25Ah) × 2
Lead battery w/ control valve
(12V-35Ah) × 2
Motor (30min. rated output) DC brushless motor
(24V 430W) ×1
Steering Front-wheel steering using loop handle
Drive System Direct 2-rear-wheel drive system
(with differential)
Brakes Electromagnetic brake, Regenerative brake, Manual brake
Control System Continuously variable control by drive lever
Battery Charger Constant voltage/Constant current
(with temperature compensation)
Max. Speed (Km/h) Forward 1~6 (continuously variable)
Reverse 1~2 (continuously variable)
Slope Climbing Capability (degrees) 10
Min. Turning Radius (mm) 1,430
Step Height Clearance Capability (mm) 90
Groove Width Clearance Capability (mm) 120
Continuous Driving Range (km) Approx. 16
(6km/h on level surface)
Approx. 25
(6km/h on level surface)
Max. Driver Weight (kg) 100 (including baggage)
  • *Continuous driving ranges indicated in the above table assume the use of new, fully charged batteries, a driver weight of 75 kg, a speed of 6km/h on a level surface, and up to 70% battery discharg.
  • *Basic performance complies with the JIS T9203 electric wheelchair standard.
  • *The Monpal ML200 is an electric wheelchair with a model designation number from the Japanese National Public Safety Commission.