News Releases 2006

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August 22, 2006

Honda to open new service parts manufacturing company in Thailand

Bangkok, August 22, 2006 --- Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Honda's Asia-Oceania regional headquarters, announced that Board of Investment (BOI) of Thailand granted permission to set up a new manufacturing company in Thailand for the production of stamped body panel service parts. The new factory will strengthen Honda's ability to respond quickly to the demand for service parts in the rapidly-growing Asian automobile markets.

Asian Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a new Honda subsidiary located in Ayutthaya province, will start production in June 2007. The company will produce body panels for use as service parts for global models including the Honda CR-V and Honda Jazz (Fit) for countries in Asia-Oceania as well as in Europe and Japan. Total investment for the new factory is approximately 1.279 billion baht and it will employ around 200 associates.

The Asia-Oceania automobile market is expanding, with sales of body panel service parts increasing 114% from April '05 to March '06 compared to the previous year. Until now, body panel service parts have been produced by Honda's automobile factories and suppliers in each Asia-Oceania country. With the new factory, Honda will consolidate its production of these service parts into a single location to ensure the highest quality, reduce costs and improve logistics.

Company Information

Name: Asian Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Established: April, 2006
Operation commencement: June, 2007 (Planned)
Location: Rojana Industrial Park, Ayutthaya province, Kingdom of Thailand
Capital Investment: 700 million baht
Capitalization Ratio: 80% Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 20% Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Total Investment: Approximately 1.279 billion baht
President : Toshio Sugiyama
Employment: Approximately 200 associates (Planned)
Business: Manufacturing stamped body panel service parts for automobiles