News Releases 2006

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October 12, 2006

Honda Introduces All-New CR-V

October 12, 2006-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the introduction of an all-new version of its popular CR-V sport utility vehicle. When it first debuted in 1995, the CR-V created a new segment in the SUV market by combining the comfort of a passenger car with outstanding everyday practicality. The CR-V went on to amass total sales of more than 2.5 million vehicles1 in 160 countries around the world. The all-new CR-V will go on sale Friday, October 13, at Honda automobile dealers throughout Japan.

Since its introduction, the CR-V has been designed to function as a runabout vehicle that offers the comfort of a sedan with the off-road maneuverability and utility of a minivan, creating new possibilities in mobility. This next generation CR-V expands on the original concept to incorporate further advancements in design and performance to ensure an enjoyable experience for its occupants no matter where they go or what they do.

The exterior design combines a strong, tough lower body with a sporty cabin to achieve a refined, urban look. The spare tire is stowed under the floor and the tailgate opens vertically for improved styling and functionality. The door mirror on the passenger side features a built-in prism under-mirror, eliminating the need for the fender-mounted side under-mirror used in the previous model to create a sleeker exterior image.

The engine is a 2.4-liter DOHC i-VTEC, which delivers powerful torque at all engine speeds. Combined with the 5-speed automatic transmission, it achieves comfortable, linear driving performance. Its new Real Time 4WD system conveys 20% more torque to the rear wheels than the previous system, while VSA2 and DBW3-standard equipment on all models-provide coordinated control for a major improvement in driving stability. The tread has been widened and the center of gravity lowered, and high-tensile steel employed throughout the body and chassis.
The suspension settings have also been optimized to match the larger, wider tires, to achieve pliable handling and superior comfort on par with a sedan.

  • 1)Cumulative sales from October 1995 to August 2006 (Honda calculations)
  • 2)VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) is a vehicle stabilization system-standard equipment on all models
  • 3)DBW (Drive-by-Wire) is an electronic throttle control system-standard feature on all models
CR-V ZXi (4WD)

CR-V ZXi (4WD)

  • Monthly sales target (Japan): 2,000 units

The two luxury-grade models, the ZXi and the ZLi, come equipped standard with IHCC (Intelligent Highway Cruise Control) which includes vehicle speed and distance control functions to reduce the burden on the driver, and CMBS (Collision Mitigation Braking System) + E-pretensioners, which alerts the driver to the danger of a rear-end collision and helps mitigate damage and injuries in the event of a collision, for state-of-the-art safety performance.

●Manufacturer’s suggested retail price 
◎indicates Type shown in photo
Type Engine Transmission Drive Price (incl. Tax) (before tax)  
5-speed automatic FWD ¥2,467,500 (¥2,350,000)  
FF 4WD ¥3,024,000 (¥2,880,000)  
X ¥2,520,000 (¥2,400,000)  
ZX FWD ¥2,751,000 (¥2,620,000)  
ZXi 4WD ¥3,234,000 (¥3,080,000)
  • *Prices do not include insurance fees, taxes (other than consumption tax), registration or other fees.
  • *In accordance with the automobile recycling law, a separate recycling fee will be levied. The recycling fee includes a recycling deposit (to cover expenses required to recycle shredder dust, air bags, and fluorocarbons, plus an information management fee) and a capital management charge.
  • *For Premium White Pearl body color, add ¥31,500 (¥30,000 before consumption tax).
  • Body colors (8 colors)
    Chiffon Green Metallic (new color); Premium White Pearl; Satin Silver Metallic; Storm Silver Metallic; Vivid Blue Pearl; Nighthawk Black Pearl; Milano Red; Blaze Orange Metallic (custom color for Active Package)
  • Interior colors(2 colors)
    Indigo Black (materials: leather, fabric); Ivory (material: leather)
  • Key Features of the CR-V
  • Styling
  • Styling has been developed around a theme of dynamism and emotional appeal to create a sense of sporty urban refinement.
  • The forward-cabin form with the windshield thrust forward and side windows designed to provide continuity from front to rear imparts a sporty image.
  • For the lower body, a protective motif is employed throughout. The amply protruding front and rear fenders and large-diameter tires accentuate the wide tread to convey a feeling of power.
  • Power train
  • 2.4l DOHC i-VTEC engine
    The engine features an i-VTEC system that combines Honda's original VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift, Electronic Control) with VTC (Variable Timing Control), supplemented with a torque-boosting resonator for optimum intake ram effect and DBW (Drive-by-Wire) electronic throttle control. Improved engine aspiration results in maximum output of 125kW (170PS) and maximum torque of 220 N⋅m (22.3kg·m)4. At low engine speeds, the VTEC mechanism deactivates one of the two intake valves per cylinder. This, along with the effect of the external EGR, contributes to the CR-V's outstanding fuel economy of 11.6km/ l 5. All models also achieve exceptional emissions performance, with emission levels 75% below 2005 Japanese government standards5.
  • 5-speed automatic transmission
    The new CR-V's 5-speed automatic transmission utilizes direct control via a linear solenoid and coordination of control functions with the DBW system along with optimized gear ratios to achieve both powerful acceleration and outstanding fuel economy during high-speed cruising. An ultra-thin torque converter and dual-shaft idle gear construction contribute higher torque capacity and increased durability, while precise shift control helps improve fuel economy in everyday driving.
  • New Real Time 4WD System
    The Real Time 4WD operates mainly in front-wheel drive during regular driving, distributing power to the rear wheels as conditions require when driving on slippery surfaces. A one-way cam unit has been added to the dual-pump system used in the previous model, significantly improving the system's ability to detect front-wheel spin. This allows changeover from front-wheel drive to 4-wheel drive to be achieved instantaneously, without time lag. Furthermore, VSA and DBW work together to provide coordinated brake and engine control for outstanding driving stability, tracing, startup, and acceleration.
  • 4)Net values
  • 5)Fuel economy for 4WD vehicle driven in 10-15 mode (Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport test value)
  • Chassis
  • The new CR-V has a wider tread and lower center of gravity to give it the light, responsive handling and comfortable ride of a sedan. Extra stiffening throughout the body and chassis along with optimized suspension geometry allow the wide, large-diameter tires to be used to maximum advantage to achieve a nimble chassis design.
  • The front suspension utilizes MacPherson struts for outstanding space efficiency, while in the rear a compact, reactive-link, double-wishbone suspension contributes to the CR-V's flat cargo space.
  • Effective use of aerodynamic parts on the underside of the body result in a 10%6 reduction in wind resistance while at the same time suppressing aerodynamic lift for outstanding high-speed stability.
  • 6)Compared to the previous model
  • Body
  • The body incorporates strong, lightweight high-tensile steel along with tailored blank welds in key areas and the combination of steel plates of varying thicknesses and materials to achieve higher rigidity along with weight savings of 31kg compared to a body built using conventional materials.
  • Body and chassis rigidity has been increased throughout to control the transmission of vehicle vibrations to the interior cabin, while comprehensive noise insulation and absorption measures around the cabin result in a superbly quiet ride.
  • Interior
  • Designed around a theme of quality and toughness, the CR-V's interior employs chunky, solid-molded metal components to achieve a sophisticated blend of quality and convenience.
  • The instrument panel features two large gauges with self-illuminating, high-contrast displays and large lettering for outstanding visibility. A large, centrally located LCD panel digitally displays engine coolant temperature and fuel remaining, along with a variety of other information.
  • The front seats offer larger seat cushions and seatbacks for superior hold, while dual front 8-way power seats7 provide electronic adjustment for seat height (front and rear portions), front-to-rear slide, and reclining. The driver's seat also comes with a Schukra wide-range power lumbar support.
  • A telescopic tilting steering wheel and ratchet-style seat height adjustor8 ensure the optimum driving position for a wide range of physiques.
  • 7)Standard equipment on the ZXi, ZLi, and ZX; factory option on the ZL
  • 8)Vehicles not equipped with 8-way power seats
  • Packaging and Utility
  • Cabin length has been increased by 70mm while maintaining the same wheelbase as the previous model, despite the large-diameter tires. Tandem distance (the distance between front and rear passenger hip points) is also the same as for the previous model, ensuring plenty of room for all.
  • The 6:4-split rear seats independently slide, recline, and fold double. The center seatbacks fold forward independently to facilitate a wide variety of seat arrangements.
  • The side sills on both the front and rear doors have been lowered by 32mm to minimize the height difference with the cabin floor for smoother vehicle entry and exit. The opening angle of the rear door has also been increased to 80 degrees from 67 degrees on the previous model and the upper portion of the opening expanded 35mm to the rear, to facilitate more natural entry and exit.
  • The compact rear suspension permits a flat cargo space with minimum overhang for greater ease of use. The ample cargo space will hold 524~623 liters9 with five vehicle occupants, or 955 liters9 with two vehicle occupants.
  • A double-deck cargo shelf separates the cargo space into upper and lower sections. The plastic shelf, set 330mm above the luggage compartment floor, not only allows luggage to be stored top and bottom, but also ensures privacy for the lower space.
  • The spare tire is stowed under the floor and the tailgate opens vertically. The hinges have been designed and positioned to make the opening wider, while at the same time the tailgate door has been made significantly easier to open and close.
  • 9)Honda calculations according to VDA formula
  • Advanced Features
  • The IHCC (Intelligent Highway Cruise Control)10 vehicle speed and distance control system helps reduce the burden on the driver during freeway driving. It assesses driving conditions using data from a millimeter-wave radar unit built into the front grille of the vehicle that measures the distance to the vehicle ahead, along with data from vehicle speed and yaw rate sensors. In addition to maintaining the vehicle at a set speed, this cruise control system automatically regulates vehicle speed and distance depending on whether or not there is a vehicle in the same lane ahead.
  • The Honda HDD InterNavi System11 with rear camera utilizes the considerable information storage of a high-capacity, 30GB hard drive to deliver a wide range of information. The 7-inch touch-panel display provides an easy-to-see, easy-to-operate interface, while Bluetooth12 compatibility enables wireless connection with cellular phones for even more powerful communications capabilities.
  • The Honda Smart Card Key System13 allows the card key holder to lock and unlock the doors and tailgate and operate the ignition with a single touch. A security alarm and immobilizer is standard equipment on all models.
  • The door mirror on the passenger side features a built-in prism under-mirror, which utilizes the prism's light-refracting capability to secure twice as much field of vision as a convex mirror of comparable size. Also, making the mirror more compact and incorporating it into the door mirror eliminates the need for the fender-mounted side under-mirror employed on the previous model, for a sleeker exterior image.
  • 10)Standard equipment on the ZXi and ZLi
  • 11)Factory option on all models
  • 12)Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. of the US.
  • 13)Standard equipment on the ZXi and ZLi; factory option on the ZX and ZL
  • Safety Performance
  • AFS (Active Front lighting System)14 headlights swivel in accordance with steering wheel operation during turning, pointing the headlight units in the direction of the turn to illuminate the path of vehicle travel.
  • The Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) system-which includes an Antilock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), and sideslip control-works in combination with a DBW electronic throttle control that optimizes engine torque to achieve precision handling. VSA is standard equipment on all models.
  • The Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS)14 uses millimeter-wave radar, assessing collision risk based on inter-vehicle distance and relative vehicle speeds. As assessed collision risk increases, the system uses audio and visual warnings and light braking to alert the driver and prompt preventative action, activating the brakes more firmly to support the driver's own brake operation and mitigate injuries and vehicle damage in the event of a collision.
  • A side curtain airbag system that helps protect the head in the event of a side collision is available as a set along with the front-seat i-side airbag system15. All models are equipped with Front-seat SRS airbag system.
  • Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering body enhances passenger protection while mitigating impact on the other vehicle.
  • The vehicle is also designed to mitigate pedestrian injury in the event of a collision.
  • The head shock protection interior is designed to protect vehicle occupants from impacts to the head in the event of a collision.
  • All models are equipped with front active headrests designed to reduce the impact of a rear collision on an occupant's neck area.
  • All models are equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and brake assist.
  • All models are equipped with ISO FIX-compatible child seat anchoring bars and tether anchors.
  • 14)Standard equipment on the ZXi and ZLi
  • 15)Standard equipment on the ZXi and ZLi; factory option on the ZX, ZL, and X
  • Environmental Performance
  • All models are certified by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as having emissions levels 75% lower than what is required by 2005 standards.
  • Four-wheel-drive models feature fuel economy that is 10% better than the level required by Japanese government fuel economy standards for 201016.
  • Nearly all interior and exterior plastic components are made of olefin resin for superior recyclability. This and other measures result in an overall vehicle recyclability that exceeds 90%17. Sound insulation and other components containing organic materials have also been made smaller and lighter to reduce shredder dust volume.
  • Interior VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels have been reduced in all models to within the guidelines set out by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
  • 16)Depending on the factory options chosen, fuel economy for 2WD (front-wheel-drive) models may also be 10% better than the level required by Japanese government fuel economy standards for 2010.
  • 17)According to calculations done using Honda's own formula