News Releases 2006

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January 11, 2006

Honda to Display Modulo Custom Concept Vehicles at Tokyo Auto Salon 2006

January 11, 2006—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. announced today that it will display three concept vehicles under the Modulo1 custom brand name of Honda Access Corporation2, a manufacturer of genuine Honda aftermarket products, at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 with NAPAC3 to be held Friday to Sunday, January 13-15, 2006 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Headlining the Honda display will be the Civic Hybrid Modulo, the Airwave Modulo, and the Step Wagon Modulo with Final Form4 concept vehicles.

Based on the theme, “More! Active”, Honda’s exhibit at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon 2006 with NAPAC will feature exciting new products which anticipate customers’ needs while featuring concepts that test the limits of automobile customizing with accessorization of the entire vehicle that gives it new identity. The concept models introduced will seek to further heighten the appeal of Honda automobiles by capturing the changing social and environmental trends.

Also on display will be customized Modulo versions of the new Civic released in September last year, Odyssey, Elysion, Step Wagon, Mobilio Spike, Accord, and Accord Wagon, along with a varied lineup of genuine Honda accessories ranging from navigation systems to audio.

1 Original custom brand developed exclusively for Honda vehicles
2 Wholly owned Honda subsidiary
3 Main promoter: TASA (Tokyo Auto Salon Association)
Affiliate co-promoter: NAPAC (Nippon Automotive Aftermarket Parts & Accessories Committee)
4 Model created in collaboration with the Final Form apparel brand (A-net Inc.)

Civic Hybrid Modulo concept vehicleト

Civic Hybrid Modulo concept vehicleト

Airwave Modulo concept vehicle

Airwave Modulo concept vehicle

Step Wagon Modulo concept vehicle with Final Form

Step Wagon Modulo concept vehicle
with Final Form

  • Concept Vehicle Display Overview

<Civic Hybrid Modulo Concept Vehicle>

Based on the Civic Hybrid, which combines high levels of both driving pleasure and environmental performance, this Hybrid sports model employs innovative styling and advanced technologies to attain new levels of driving excitement. For the exterior, the Civic’s highly stable, low center-of-gravity form is enhanced with a louvered intake with variable alignment in response to vehicle speed, a trunk lid spoiler, and a diffuser, which supplement the vehicle’s flat bottom to achieve outstanding aerodynamic performance. Aerodynamic wheel covers for the 19-inch aluminum wheels add to the Civic Hybrid’s driving performance and fuel economy. Advanced technologies include a combined information display for NAVI, audio and air conditioning, touch-panel controls, a connection pocket for external devices, and side mirror cameras.

<Airwave Modulo Concept Vehicle>

A refined concept wagon designed for mature customers. To respond to the needs of mature adults who are looking for quality in a compact car, the Airwave Modulo concept vehicle offers both form and function, with such features as high-quality LED headlights and rear combination lights, and welcome lights built into the side panels. Moreover, the interior is replete with genuine leather seats, luggage compartment flooring, and more, to create an interior feel that goes beyond the ordinary. Wood-grain, high-luster interior paneling and high-quality speaker housings complete this premium concept package that imparts an air of quality to all that its occupants see and touch.

<Step Wagon Modulo Concept Vehicle with Final Form>

A daily active mini-van designed to respond to the new values of today’s youth and add a touch of excitement to their everyday lives. The exterior features omni-directional camera-and-sensor protection in the front and rear bumpers and side panels, built-in welcome lights, and other advanced functions added on to the original Step Wagon base. To clearly express a new sense of value in the interior, Honda collaborated with the Final Form apparel brand to equip the vehicle with fashionable seat covers that can be detached and worn as outerwear. Also featuring a NAVI-, audio-, video-, and game-compatible ‘go-anywhere’ entertainment system for use inside or outside the vehicle, a multi-display room mirror that switches over to display images from an external camera, and front-seat flooring with matching skeleton-motif interior panels, the Step Wagon Modulo with Final Form concept vehicle offers a new proposal in mini-van fun.

  • Other Exhibit Highlights
Modulo : Seven models, including the Civic, Accord, Accord Wagon Travel Dog Version,Odyssey, Step Wagon, Elysion, and Mobilio Spike
DOOV5 : Three custom Airwave models, customized according to three different concepts: Active Cruiser, Street Performer, and Cool & Cute
Gathers6 : Automobile navigation systems and audio systems
Gathers M7 : A Gold Wing motorcycle equipped with a GPS navigation system designed exclusively for it.
  • 5)DOOV is a manufacturer’s custom brand of DOOV Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Access Corporation
  • 6)Genuine audio and navigation system brand exclusively for Honda automobiles
  • 7)Genuine audio and navigation system brand exclusively for Honda motorcycles