News Releases 2006

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February 22, 2006

Honda Announces a Model Change for the CBR1000RR Super Sports Model

February 22, 2006-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced a model change for its CBR1000RR large-displacement super sports model. The new CBR1000RR, which comes equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder, 1000cc engine featuring advanced technologies developed on the MotoGP circuit-the world pinnacle of motorcycle road racing-goes on sale Saturday, February 25.

The new model inherits the same basic styling and specifications as its predecessor, carefully refined down to the smallest detail to ensure nimbler handling and greater concentration of mass. Overall weight has been reduced, shaving 4.0kg off the previous model to achieve quicker acceleration and nimbler handling.

The styling employs a smooth, curvaceous design with the surface area of the cowl reduced by 13% compared to the previous model. The lower cowls have been fitted with larger air outlets for improved engine cooling and enhanced riding comfort.

Engine enhancements include a reworking of the cylinder head shape and size, valve shape, and combustion chamber shape, resulting in better combustion and more efficient engine aspiration for improved low-to-midrange torque.

For the chassis, caster angle and the amount of trail have been adjusted to obtain more nimble handling, while the engine mount bolts were also reworked to achieve exquisitely sensitive, responsive handling characteristics.

Improvements to the brakes include thinner, larger diameter front brake discs and lighter, more compact rear brake calipers, to deliver both weight savings and improved braking performance.

The new model offers a selection of four color schemes. Graphite Black and Winning Red impart an intrepid feel that breathes quality. Two more color schemes feature stripe patterns using the Honda wing mark as a motif on a background of either Candy Phoenix Blue or Winning Red.



  • Annual sales target: 2,500 units
  • Manufacturer's suggested retail price (incl. tax): ¥1,239,000 (¥1,180,000 before tax)

The CBR1000RR, successor to CBR900RR series released in North America and Europe in 1992, first made its debut in April 2004. Employing HESD (Honda Electronic Steering Damping), Unit Pro-Link suspension, and other advanced technologies inherited from Honda's RC211V MotoGP machine, it has earned a reputation as a versatile bike suitable for a wide range of uses from touring to racing.

Key Changes

【 Styling 】
The latest model has been given a complete makeover from nose to tail, styled on a tight, aggressive, clear-cut design concept. While inheriting the overall design of its predecessor, the bike's cowl has been given a sharper cut to create a more aggressive forward visage. This results in an approximately 13% reduction in the surface area of the cowl compared to the previous model, while also contributing to weight reduction, easier maintenance, and nimbler handling performance. The lower cowls have also been fitted with larger air outlets that channel engine heat to the rear for enhanced riding comfort.

【 Engine 】
The CBR1000RR comes fitted with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, DOHC in-line 4-cylinder 998cm3 engine that is lightweight and compact yet offers a combination of outstanding power and control characteristics throughout its broad power band.

The new engine inherits the same basic specs as its predecessor, but has been carefully refined down to the smallest detail in pursuit of lower weight and more powerful output.

The cylinder head intake ports have been made straighter and the size of the exhaust ports increased. Modifications to the valve shape and adjustments to valve timing were also implemented, and a finer grain size employed for the materials used to form the inner mold when forging the intake ports. These modifications result in more efficient engine aspiration for higher torque in the frequently used low-to-mid speed ranges.

The volume of the combustion chamber has also been reduced by 2.7% to increase the compression ratio from 11.9:1 to 12.2:1, resulting in greater fuel efficiency.

The engine has been lightened throughout, through the use of lighter camshaft materials, a lighter ECU (Electronic Control Unit), which controls fuel injection and other engine functions, and a lighter shift change drum. The Center-Up exhaust system and radiator have also been lightened, contributing to more nimble handling.

【 Chassis 】
Modifications to the chassis were implemented to achieve greater concentration of mass and take full advantage of the engine's output, without any major changes to the size of the frame or other components.

The head pipe was repositioned on the frame body, prompting a change in caster angle from the previous model's 23°45' to 23°25' and a reduction in trail amount by 2mm, from 102mm to 100mm. The specs for the engine mount bolts were also reworked to achieve exquisitely sensitive, responsive handling characteristics. The diameter of the front disc brake rotors was increased from 310mm to 320mm and their thickness reduced from 5.0mm to 4.5mm. The rear brake also employs a smaller, lighter caliper that combines improved braking performance with lower weight. Other changes include a modified instrument panel design for better visibility and greater ease of use.


Model Name CBR1000RR
Model Type Honda·BC-SC57
Dimensions (L×W×H) (m) 2.030×0.720×1.120
Wheelbase (m) 1.410
Ground Clearance (m) 0.130
Seat Height (m) 0.820
Curb weight (kg) 206
Dry Weight (kg) 177
Number of Riders 2
Fuel Consumption (km/L) 23.0 (testing at 60km/h)
Minimum Turning Radius (m) 3.2
Engine Type SC57E·liquid cooled 4-stroke DOHC in-line 4 cylinder engine
Displacement (cm3) 998
Bore × Stroke (mm) 75.0×56.5
Compression Ratio 12.2
Maximum Power (kW[PS]/rpm 69[94]/10,000
Maximum Torque (N·m[kg·m]/rpm) 86[8.8]/6,000
Carburetor Type PGM-DSFI electronic fuel injection
Starter Electric self-starter
Ignition Fully transistorized, battery powered
Lubrication Force-feed and splash
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 18
Clutch Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Transmission Constant mesh, 6-speed return
Gear Ratios 1 2.538
2 1.941
3 1.578
4 1.380
5 1.250
6 1.160
Reduction (Primary/Final) 1.604/2.500
Caster Angle (degrees) / Trail (mm) 23°25´/100
Tire Size Front 120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)
Rear 190/50ZR17 M/C (73W)
Brakes Front Dual hydraulic disc
Rear Hydraulic disc
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Swing arm (Unit Pro-link suspension system)
Frame Diamond