News Releases 2005

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October 31, 2005

Honda Strengthens R&D Capability in Asia Oceania Region By Establishing of Automobile R&D Center in Thailand

Bangkok, October 31, 2005 --- Honda R&D Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Honda responsible for research & development activities, today announced that it had obtained permission to establish an automobile R&D company in the Kingdom of Thailand to strengthen Honda's ability to quickly respond to the ever diversifying needs of customers in rapidly growing Asian automobile markets.

A new Honda subsidiary, Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., will be established on December 1 and the new R&D center to become operational in 2007. The new company also plans to build a new test course in the future. The total investment is estimated to be approximately 2.4 billion baht (approximately 7 billion yen).

In addition to the development of locally-produced parts, the new subsidiary will conduct a wide range of product development activities locally, including product planning, styling research, and testing of complete cars. Through the establishment of a local R&D center in Thailand as a base, Honda is committed to strengthening product development capabilities throughout the Asia Oceania region, including ASEAN countries, Southwest Asia, East Asia, and Oceania, and to conduct R&D activities that take root in each local market.

Previously in Thailand, Honda opened a motorcycle R&D center, Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd., in December, 2004. With the establishment of its new auto R&D center, Honda will accelerate regional research and development functions and technology transfer in that country.

Company Information

Name : Honda R&D Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Establishment : December 1, 2005
Location : Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand (plan)
Capital Investment : 200 million baht (approximately 580 million yen)
Capitalization Ratio : 100% Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Total Investment : Approximately 2.4 billion baht (approximately 7 billion yen).
Employment : Approximately 120 associates (2007)
Business : Research & development for automobiles for Asia Oceania markets including: development of locally-produced parts, product planning, styling research, testing of complete cars, etc.