News Releases 2005

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September 30, 2005

Honda Introduces Easy-To-Use PC-based Motorcycle Safety Training Device: Riding Trainer

September 29, 2005-Honda Europe Motorcycle today announced in Paris France, the upcoming release of the Riding Trainer, an easy-to-use , popular version of the Riding Simulator already in used for traffic training at rider training centers, mainly in Japan. Sales of the Riding Trainer will begin in late 2005 primarily targeting Honda motorcycle dealerships in Europe. Annual sales in the European region are projected to reach 1,000 units.

Designed on the basis of expertise gained in the development of the Riding Simulator, the Riding Trainer is intended to enhance rider safety training programs at Honda motorcycle dealerships and at other training centers and locations. The simple design includes motorcycle handlebar and pedal operation components, a seat, and a video monitor, along with a lightweight frame. The total weight is just 29kg1, and the device is compact: overall length is 1,575mm; overall width 568mm; and overall height 923mm. Even a small space will be accommodate the installation of the Riding Trainer, designed to help trainees learn to control and to develop the ability to foresee and avoid hazardous situations. Upon simply connecting the device to a PC2 and installing the bundled software, the training facility can offer beginner valuable training and the opportunity to experience danger in safety. Hazardous situations riders are likely to face when sharing busy roads with other motorcycles, cars and pedestrian can be examined from various perspectives using automatic replay , and after each session the trainee is offered printable on-screen assessment, and guidance for safer riding based on the individual's actual performance (Riding Evaluation).

The Riding Trainer is also scheduled to introduce in Australia in approximately the same period as in Europe, and Honda plans to release the new product in Asia and elsewhere.

As part of Honda's effort to promote safety, it is hoped that the release of the Riding Trainer will reinforce the company's traffic safety education programs at dealership and in other locations worldwide.

1 Deluxe type (PC or monitor not included)
2 Windows-compatible PC with a specified minimal screen resolution

Deluxe Riding Trainer (PC and monitor not included)

Deluxe Riding Trainer
(PC and monitor not included)

Bundled Software:

  • Training for Beginners: 2 courses
  • 1.Clutch Operation practice mode
  • 2.City Riding practice mode
  • Hazard Prediction: 14 courses
  • 1.City Riding practice mode: 10courses
  • 2.Touring practice mode: 4 courses

The Riding Evaluation is available for City Riding mode only. All courses can simulate either manual or automatic transmission. Background visuals can be switched (day/night/fog).

On-screen visuals and audio guidance are available in 8 European languages.