News Releases 2005

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May 13, 2005

Honda Motor Co. Confirms its Support for B.A.R Honda in F1

Tokyo, May 13, 2005 ---Honda Motor Co., Ltd. issued the following comment in response to a statement issued in the U.K. by the B.A.R Honda F1 team on Thursday, May 12 2005 (15:30 local time).

"Following the San Marino GP, the fourth round of the Formula One World Championship, the FIA issued a ruling which suspended the B.A.R Honda F1 team from the Spanish and Monaco Grands Prix. We regret that the recent events have caused concern among the many people who support Honda.

The interpretation of the F1 car's minimum weight rule has now been clarified. Accordingly, B.A.R Honda has accepted the FIA's ruling with the full support of Honda Motor Co. Further, Honda has confirmed that B.A.R Honda did not act fraudulently.

Motor Sports activities play a very important role within Honda's corporate culture. Through fairly taking on the challenge of winning and by overcoming innumerable obstacles in the process, the experience and confidence gained by all individuals involved when a goal is reached, is an invaluable asset to our company.

At the forthcoming European GP, the 7th round of the season, our team, B.A.R Honda will continue to pursue, in a fair and proper manner, victories in the Formula One World Championship.

In all our racing activities, beginning with F1, we will do our best, as we have always done in the past, to meet everyone's expectations by challenging for race wins. Please continue to give us your support."