News Releases 2005

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January 12, 2005

Honda to Display Modulo Custom Concept Vehicles at Tokyo Auto Salon 2005

January 12, 2005--Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will display three concept vehicles under the Modulo1 custom brand name of Honda Access Corporation2, a manufacturer of genuine Honda aftermarket products, at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2005 with NAPAC3 January 14-16, 2005 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Headlining the Honda display will be the Legend Modulo, the Edix Modulo with ELLEDECO, and the Elysion Modulo concept

With the theme "Wonder Factory," the Honda display will showcase some of the key values Honda offers, including fun to use and fun to drive. The three concept vehicles spotlight a new approach to genuine Honda customization that offers each and every owner enhanced
enjoyment of their vehicles.

Further highlighting the appeal of customization will be concept vehicles sporting aero-parts by Honda Access and DOOV Corp.4 Honda is also displaying Fit HB vehicles customized with its newly developed Incremental Forming Technology, which is used to form parts without metal molds, and presenting exciting new possibilities in customization.

  • 1.Original custom brand developed exclusively for Honda vehicles
  • 2.Wholly owned Honda subsidiary
  • 3.Main promoter: TASA (Tokyo Auto Salon Association) Affiliate co-promoter: NAPAC (Nippon Automotive Aftermarket Parts & Accessories Committee)
  • 4.Wholly owned subsidiary of Honda Access Corp.
Legend Modulo concept vehicle

Legend Modulo concept vehicle

Elysion Modulo concept vehicle

Elysion Modulo concept vehicle

Edix Modulo concept vehicle with ELLEDECO

Edix Modulo concept vehicle with ELLEDECO

Fit HB concept vehicle

Fit HB concept vehicle

Concept Vehicle Display Overview

<Legend Modulo Concept Vehicle>
Based on the "Authentic Performance Saloon" concept, the exterior of the Legend Modulo Concept features an integrated wide front fender and sophisticated front grille—all styled with dynamic curves that suggest a sporty elegance.

The interior includes an exclusive leather-wrapped wooden steering wheel, a wooden shift lever, and meticulously finished leather seats that provide a sense of quality and luxury. The interior is designed to convey to the occupant a sense of superior functionality and added value.

The Legend Modulo Concept was designed for superior driving performance with enhanced low-speed torque, refined engine tuning, and modified brake components, making it an
exceptionally road-ready concept vehicle.

<Edix Modulo Concept Vehicle with ELLEDECO>
Built for style, the Edix Modulo Concept features unique customization, created in collaboration with lifestyle and décor magazine ELLEDECO. The white-themed interior conveys the concept of "Fun Intelligence," while the styling around the instrument panel and the stretch-denim seats with striped accents offer a new sense of flair that goes well beyond
the usual.

The new style of this new kind of minivan is also showcased in the audio/visual system, which includes a simple, stylish operation panel, an HDD-DVD player, headrest monitors for rear seat passengers, a visor monitor for the front seat passenger, and a large tailgate-mounted

Emphasizing the vehicle’s integrated, organic form, the exterior styling employs a honeycomb motif on the hood grille, bumper grille, headlights and rear section to convey a sporty sensibility. The rear is also outfitted with customized illumination accentuated with green

<Elysion Modulo Concept Vehicle>
The key phrase for the Elysion Modulo concept vehicle is "Superior Performance." A sense of luxury that carries the assurance of cruising comfort combines with a unique aero-parts design to produce exterior styling that befits the flagship of Honda's minivan lineup.

Customizations that add to the aura of premium minivan luxury include a front grille reminiscent of Legend styling; a dynamic front end styled with sharp edges which are continued in the arcing design of the side lower skirts and integrated side sills; a satin surface finish that flows from front to back; aluminium wheels color-coordinated with the body color; a jaunty, three-circle headlight design; and rear combination lights with clear lenses for a bold

Exhibit Highlights

<Modulo> ··· Seven models, including the Legend, Odyssey, Elysion, Edix, and Integra Type R
<DOOV> ··· Three models—the Legend, Elysion and Fit
<Gathers5> ··· Nine models in a lineup centered on the VXH-051MCVi, compatible with Internavi Premium Club
  • 5.Genuine audio and navigation system brand exclusively for Honda vehicles

Incremental Forming Technology Highlights

<S800 hood6> (for display)
Honda is displaying the S800 hood made with its newly developed Incremental Forming Technology. With Incremental Forming, no metal mold is necessary. An existing hood form can be digitized with a non-contact scanner and converted into 3D data. On the basis of this data, a special jib is used to manipulate sheet metal into the desired form. Eliminating the need for a metal mold, this facilities extremely small lot production.

  • 6.Released in 2002 as a genuine Honda part

<Fit HB7>(concept vehicle)
Honda is also displaying the Fit HB concept vehicle, featuring parts made using the Incremental Forming Technology, as an example of how this new technology makes it
possible to create cars to the taste of the individual.

  • 7.The hood and fender are manufactured using Incremental Forming Technology.