News Releases 2005

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January 20, 2005

Honda Announces a Full Model Change for the CBR600RR Super Sport Bike

January 20, 2005-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced a full model change for CBR600RR super sport bike, which incorporates advanced technologies inherited from Honda's RC211V*1racing machine. The new model goes on sale Thursday, January 27.

The new model has been significantly lightened, especially in the main frame, for a weight saving of 5.6kg. Heavy components have also been moved closer to the center of gravity to attain a higher concentration of mass, achieving a major improvement in handling performance and high operating stability.

For the new model, the shape of the inlet port has been modified and the length of the muffler and exhaust pipe reworked to ensure a more linear throttle response in the mid-speed range. Fuel injector settings were also adjusted to achieve greater combustion efficiency. The previous model's PGM-DSFI settings were changed to go along with the modified inlet port shape, enabling stable, high-efficiency combustion over the full range of engine rpms to achieve optimum output characteristics.

The suspension incorporates an inverted front fork for greater rigidity, which works together with a lighter version of the popular Pro Link suspension in the rear unit to help make the bike more manageable. The front brake is equipped with the same high-rigidity radial-mount calipers as are used in the RC211V and the CBR1000RR, to ensure effective braking with outstanding control.



Annual domestic sales target(Japan): 1,300 units
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price : ¥966,000 (¥920,000 before consumption tax)
*Price does not include insurance, taxes (except consumption tax) registration, or other fees.

The bike’s styling incorporates the latest RC211V design, with changes to the shapes of the windscreen and air intake ducts. The seat cowl features slim styling for minimum air

For coloring, two new colors—Black and Force Silver Metallic—have been added to the current Italian Red, for three colors in all. Since it was first introduced in July 2003, the CBR600RR’s stable ride and high potential has earned it a reputation for comfortable riding performance on the street. A full range of amenities including HISS*2 and multi-function instrument panel have further added to this model’s popularity.

  • *1The RC211V is a special-purpose racing motorcycle equipped with a 990cc V5 engine that Honda has been racing in the MotoGP class of FIM World Road Race Championships—the pinnacle of world motorcycle racing—since 2002.
  • *2Honda Ignition Security System

< Main Features >

Exhaustive lightening achieves high handling performance and operating stability

No effort was spared to make the CBR600RR's frame and other components as light as possible. Advancements in hollow-core fine die-cast production technology for the main frame allowed the frame walls to be made physically thinner while maintaining rigidity. Around 65% of the bike's parts were reassessed and changes made to the muffler production process, muffler protector construction, swing arm construction, and in other areas, resulting in a significant weight saving of 5.6kg over the previous model. The seat rail was also lightened to attain a higher concentration of mass, achieving a major improvement in driving performance and more nimble handling.

Inverted front forks and radial-mount brake calipers

The suspension employs 41mm-diameter inverted front forks for increased front-end rigidity, resulting in more precise control and dependable handling. The brakes employ the same radial-mount calipers as are used in the RC211V and the CBR1000RR. This ensures greater caliper rigidity during braking, ensuring even force distribution over the entire brake pad surface for effective braking control.

Styling that places performance first

The CBR600RR, which incorporates various advanced technologies from the constantly evolving RC211V, also adopts the RC211V's design concept of functional beauty.
The shape of the windscreen on the front cowl has been changed to adopt the same sharp design as is used in the latest RC211V. The design of the air intake duct has also been modified to further reduce air resistance, while a slimmer shape has been adopted for the tail cowl.
Like the previous model, the new CBR600RR employs a center-up exhaust system for its superior aerodynamic characteristics and concentration of mass near the center of gravity. Even the shape of the exhaust port has been changed from round to oval-an indication of the level of attention Honda has paid right down to the finest detail.

Body colors

In addition to vivid Italian Red, the CBR600RR now also comes in two new colors-self-composed Force Silver Metallic with a black stripe running along the side and intrepid solid Black-allowing owners to pick a color to suit their taste.

Equipment and options for greater ease of use

  • An integrated electronic instrument panel that uses digital display meters grouped around an analog tachometer-standard
  • Hazard lamps, convenient when stopping or parking-standard
  • HISS (Honda Ignition Security System) offers effective anti-theft protection-standard
  • Remote-controlled immobilization alarm function that detects vibrations and emits a piercing alarm-optional (manufactured by Honda Access Co., Ltd.)
  • Optional cowl screens, instrument panels, top bridge covers, and single seat cowls that allow the user to customize the styling to suit his or her taste (manufactured by Honda Access Co., Ltd.)
  • U-shaped lock that stores inside the utility space beneath the pillion seat-optional (manufactured by Honda Access Co., Ltd.)


Model name   CBR600RR
Model type   Honda BC-PC37
L x W x H (m) 2.010×0.690×1.115
Wheelbase (m) 1.395
Ground Clearance (m) 0.130
Seat Height (m) 0.820
Vehicle Weight (kg) 194
Dry Weight (kg) 166
Number of Riders   2
Fuel Consumption (km/L) 29.0(testing at 60km/h)
Turning Radius (m) 3.2
Engine Type   PC37E·liquid cooled 4-stroke DOHC in-line-4
Displacement (cm3) 599
Bore x Stroke (mm) 67.0×42.5
Compression Ratio   12.0
Maximum Power (kW[PS]/rpm) 51[69]/11,500
Maximum Torque (N·m[kg·m]/rpm) 51[5.2]/7,500
Carburetor Type   PGM-DSFI electronic fuel injection
Starter   Electric self-starter
Ignition   Fully transistorized, battery powered
Lubrication   Force-fed and splash
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 18
Clutch   Wet, multiplate with coil springs
Transmission   Constant mesh, 6-speed return
Gear Ratios 1 2.666
2 1.937
3 1.611
4 1.409
5 1.260
6 1.166
Reduction (Primary/Final) 2.111/2.562
Caster Angle (degrees) /Trail (mm) 24°00´/95
Tire Size Front 120/70ZR17 M/C (58W)
Rear 180/55ZR17 M/C (73W)
Braking System Front Dual hydraulic disc
Rear Hydraulic disc
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Unit swing arm
Frame Diamond