News Releases 2004

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February 28, 2004

Honda Preparations for the 2004 F1 World Championship Series

February 28, 2004-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will continue its participation in Formula One racing in the 2004 season, supplying engines and engaging in joint chassis development with British American Racing (B·A·R), and will field a two-car team for the 2004 Formula One World Championship series.

Now in the fifth year of its third era of Formula One competition, Honda is working with B·A·R to accelerate the pace of chassis development-one of its main objectives in Formula One this time. Honda's 2004 Formula One team has been structured to fully integrate all aspects of chassis development, with B·A·R and Honda R&D Co., Ltd.'s Tochigi R&D Center workin as a single unit to significantly improve Lucky Strike B?A?R Honda's competitive edge.

Principal Honda supervisors

F1 Project Leader: Takeo Kiuchi, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Head of F1 Chassis Technology Development: Ken Hashimoto, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

Overview of Honda Racing Development Ltd. (HRD)

President : Shoichi Tanaka
Engineering Director : Shuhei Nakamoto
Location : Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
Activities : As Honda's frontline base for F1 activities, HRD is responsible for:
・Technical feedback to Honda R&D's Tochigi R&D Center
・Engine maintenance
・Public liaison, public relations activities, etc.
Honda RA004E

Honda RA004E

Overview of Honda's 2004 Formula One engine

Name : Honda RA004E
Type : 3.0-liter V10, naturally aspirated
Improvements : Along with the increased durability required to complete the three-day Grand Prix, the engine has been made lighter and smaller, with a lower center of gravity and improved power output.

Overview of the 2004 chassis

Name : B.A.R Honda 006
Improvements : The engine and chassis have been highly integrated and the carbon composite construction reexamined for a more lightweight configuration and optimal positioning of the center of gravity, resulting in a more ideal package overall.

Overview of Lucky Strike B.A.R Honda

Team Principal : David Richards
Technical Director : Geoffrey Willis
Drivers : Jenson Button
Takuma Sato
Third Driver : Anthony Davidson

Comment from Takanobu Ito, Managing Director, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

"The approaching season marks the fifth year of the third era of Formula One competition, for a new generation at Honda. Final pre-season testing of the machines and tuning to racing specifications has gone very well, and I think we have a solid competitor on our hands. We're going to give it our all so that we can proclaim victory in the very near future. We look forward to everyone's support."