News Releases 2004

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October 14, 2004

Honda Outlines its Exhibition for the 2004 Tokyo Motor Show

October 14, 2004-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the outline of its exhibition planned for the 38th Tokyo Motor Show. 

Honda will exhibit both commercial and barrier-free vehicles at the Tokyo Motor Show 2004—Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles, sponsored by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association from Tuesday, November 2 to Sunday, November 7, 2004, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. 

Honda’s theme for this Motor Show is “Lively Motoring for Each and Every One of Us”. A company which seeks to make mobility accessible to as many people as possible, Honda seeks to provide the pleasure of mobility in a society of people with dreams. Based upon Honda’s philosophy of “Respect for the Individual”, each person’s unique characteristics are considered. The commercial and barrier-free concept vehicles on display demonstrate Honda’s vision of some of the possibilities of mobility; the commercially available vehicles on display demonstrate the company’s determination to meet each customer's needs and to promote mobility for all.








Fit Sports Concept with

[Description of the Exhibit]

<Concept Car Zone>
The Concept Car Zone features the P.V, a pickup van that helps you work in style; the Hobick, a new truck designed to maximize comfort and convenience, enhancing people’s enjoyment of leisure; the Honda ALMAS Concept, a premium barrier-free vehicle that provides enhanced comfort and driving ease; and the Fit Sports Concept with Power Techmatic, a barrier-free vehicle which allows anyone to experience the thrill of sporty driving. Videos will be presented at the exhibition to explain the concept underlying each vehicle and introduce key features and specifications.

<Commercially Available Vehicle Zone>
Featuring Honda's current Acty lineup of commercial vehicles equipped to serve a variety of business needs, this part of the display showcases the barrier-free welfare vehicles and vehicles outfitted with driving-assist devices* that incorporate Honda's unique vision and advanced technology. 
* Honda is exhibiting a version of the Fit equipped with the Honda FRANZ System.

<Driving Simulation Zone>
Here users will be able to experience commonly encountered dangerous driving situations in safety, and try out the Power Techmatic driving-assist equipment installed on two barrier-free
concept vehicles.

<Internavi Zone>
Featuring a demonstration model of Honda's HDD Internavi system, this part of the exhibit gives visitors a chance to see, handle and experience the world's first navigation system to be equipped with technology that provides highly advanced services like lane-specific VICS* information for highway driving and the Internavi Weather service. 
*VICS is a registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center

<Leading Honda Dealers Zone>
Leading trusted Honda dealers will present their activities in the areas of the environment, safety and social welfare.

List of vehicles on display (●Indicates a concept vehicle ○Indicates a commercially available vehicle)


World premiere of three vehicles <★>

<Concept Car Zone>

  • P.V<★>
  • HOBICK<★>
  • Honda ALMAS CONCEPT<★>
  • Fit Sports Concept with POWER TECHMATIC

Commercial<Commercially Available Vehicle Zone Vehicle>

  • VAMOS Hobio Pro
  • Acty Dump Truck (High wall behind cabin)
  • Acty Motorcycle Transporter
  • Acty Cool Shuttle (corporate sales only)

Barrier-free Vehicles and Barrier-free Equipment

  • That's: Wheelchair transport vehicle
  • Odyssey: Passenger lift-up seat vehicle (with Honda Techmatic equipment)
  • Elysion: Side lift-up seat vehicle
  • Fit: With Honda FRANZ System
  • MonPal: ML100