News Releases 2004

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October 12, 2004

Overview of Honda Exhibits at the 2004 11th World Congress on ITS in Nagoya, Japan

October 12, 2004—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will participate in the 2004 11th World Congress on ITS, to be held October 19-24, 2004 at the Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan), sponsored by The Japan Organizing Committee of the 11th World Congress on ITS. Honda will display its latest operator support and information technologies for motorcycles, automobiles, and power products, along with a presentation on intelligent and information technologies featuring the ASIMO humanoid robot and an
explanatory video.
*ITS: Intelligent Transportation Systems

Displays will include concept models of scooters and MonPal electric wheelchairs fitted with a variety of intelligent technologies; hands-on accident prediction and prevention technology simulations using scooters, automobiles, and MonPal electric wheelchairs exchanging communications in a mixed-traffic setting; and a presentation by ASIMO on intelligence and information technologies for automobiles, all presented in an easy-to-understand format accessible even to the general public.


Display layout


Automobile simulator


ASV IT Scooter


IT MonPal

<Prinicipal Displays>
●Inter-vehicle communication simulator

With this hands-on inter-vehicle communication simulator, motorcycles, automobiles, and MonPal electric wheelchairs exchange communications in a virtual cityscape, notifying each other of their presence to help prevent accidents. With the driving simulator, visitors are given a chance to try out the world’s first Collision Mitigation brake System (CMS) + E-pretensioners, which determines the likelihood of a collision based on driving conditions, distance to the vehicle ahead, and relative vehicle speeds, and issues warnings to prompt the driver to take preventative action. The system can also initiate braking to reduce the vehicle's speed. CMS + E-pretensioners were first installed in the Inspire released in June, 2003.

  • One riding simulator
  • Three driving simulators (featuring CMS + E-pretensioners)
  • One MonPal electric wheelchair simulator

●ASV IT Scooter (concept model)

This concept scooter is equipped with an inter-vehicle communication feature that allows it to exchange information with other vehicles to determine their proximity, warning the driver if a collision is imminent. To facilitate communication with vehicles in all directions, the design features a communications antenna that is affixed to the bike in a position near the rider’s upper body. To make the scooter more visible to other drivers, it is also equipped with a high-luminance white LED. The communication helmet with built-in speakers and microphone allows inter-vehicle communications to be relayed to the driver, while also facilitating conversation between rider and passenger. In addition, a multi-functional display visually conveys information from other vehicles.

●IT MonPal electric wheelchair (concept model)

The MonPal electric wheelchair is equipped with an inter-vehicle communication function that allows it to exchange information with other vehicles to determine their proximity, warning the operator if a collision is imminent. To make the MonPal more visible to other vehicle operators, it is equipped with hazard lights that flash if another vehicle comes too close. It also features a rear-view monitor to help the operator watch for other vehicles.

●InterNavi Premium Club

In September 2003, Honda introduced the world's first 'floating car data' service, "Premium members' VICS" service. The service transmits data to the operations center when the member travels a road for which VICS* information is not available. This data is used to provide the drivers with more precise information on traffic congestion. Also demonstrated will be other InterNavi Premium Club features such as InterNavi Weather, which provides the driver with real-time weather conditions for the road ahead.
*VICS is a registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center.

●New Legend

The all-new Legend will be on display, featuring such advanced intelligent technologies as the Intelligent Night Vision System; CMS + E-pretensioners; and HiDS.

●Technology Displays

  • Adaptive Front Lighting System: This system changes the direction of the headlights in coordination with steering wheel input to illuminate more of the road surface ahead.
  • Intelligent Night Vision System: This system—a world’s first—uses two far-infrared cameras to detect pedestrians in or approaching the vehicle’s path and provides the driver visual and audio cautions.
  • CMS (Collision Mitigation brake System) + E-pretensioners
  • HiDS (Honda Intelligent Driver Support System): This driver support system helps reduce the burden on the driver during freeway driving.