News Releases 2004

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January 7, 2004

Honda Access Corporation to Display Three Concept Models Under its Modulo Custom Brand Name at Tokyo Auto Salon 2004 with NAPAC

January 7, 2004—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced that Honda Access Corporation1, a manufacturer of genuine Honda aftermarket products, will display three concept models under its Modulo custom brand name at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2004 (co-sponsored by NAPAC2), to be held Friday, January 9th through Sunday, January 11th 2004 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The three models on display will be the Odyssey Modulo Concept, the Life Modulo Concept, and the Accord Sports Study. 

Honda offers a broad range of aftermarket products to enhance the fun and excitement its customers experience, and the Honda display is designed to reflect this. In addition to concept models, the display will feature a vehicle fitted with aerodynamic parts by DOOV Corporation3, along with other creations by custom manufacturers that handle Honda automobiles, giving event-goers a first-hand look at the enhanced appeal of customized Hondas.

  • 1.100%-owned subsidiary of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
  • 2.Sponsor: Tokyo Auto Salon Association (TASA); Co-Sponsor: Nippon Auto Parts Aftermarket Committee (NAPAC)
  • 3.100%-owned subsidiary of Honda Access Corporation
Odyssey Modulo Concept

Odyssey Modulo Concept

Life Modulo Concept

Life Modulo Concept

Accord Sports Study

Accord Sports Study

  • Overview of Concept Models

<Odyssey Modulo Concept>
Designed around a concept of extreme performance, the Odyssey Modulo Concept presents a fusion of the Odyssey’s low overall height and elegant form with the sporting spirit that is imprinted in the Honda DNA. The Formula One racing machine-inspired front bumper aperture and roof spoiler combine with the highly functional flat-floor design to complete a sensual exterior finished in Japan’s national colors. 

The ‘Six Seater Extreme’ interior design features a split 2nd-row seat for 6-passenger seating, with a wrap-around center module design that locates the audio system in the center floor section and the entertainment system in the center roof section. The interior design represents a union of the base model’s sportiness with an entertainment motif.

<Life Modulo Concept> 
Designed around a concept of 'Life for women, designed by women', the Life Modulo Concept is the product of a women-driven project involving color coordinators, makeup artists, and shoe designers at the planning stage, with Honda Access female associates and women’s magazine editors playing a central role. Using the Life as a base model, it represents a proposal for the kind of car that may have special appeal for many women. 

The stylish exterior design employs a two-tone color scheme to achieve a European neo-classic look, further accenting the ‘Honda Delights’ motif expressed in the base model. The interior design presents the vehicle’s interior space as a ‘third personal space’, after the home and work or school, incorporating a warm color scheme to complement the various attractive materials employed. The effect is an even more luxurious and comfortable environment than the base model.

<Accord Sports Study> 
Designed around the concept of a 'true sports sedan', the Accord Sports Study's dynamic exterior incorporates a muscular design built on the image of a super-fit human form, to further accentuate the Accord’s sporty styling. 

The interior design employs materials like aluminum, carbon, and leather, to impart a sporty image. The resulting blend of sensuality and performance combines driving pleasure with a sophisticated, mature world view.