News Releases 2004

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June 16, 2004

Honda Releases the PS250 - A New Kind of City Bike

June 16, 2004-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the release of the 250cc bike PS250, which fuses the open feel of a motorcycle with the comfort of a scooter, representing Honda's new concept in urban bikes. The PS250 will go on sale in Japan from June 30th. 

Designed around a rough 'n tough image, the practical, multipurpose PS250 offers a rugged simplicity and a special focus on functionality. The fifth model to be produced by Honda's 'N' Project* team, following the 50cc Ape, Zoomer, Bite and Solo, the PS250 marks the N Project's entry into the 250cc compact motorcycle market. 

Styled for the tastes of a younger generation that values individuality, the PS250 features an exposed design that shows off its unique wide-pipe frame, which surrounds the body to create the laid-back look of an American custom bike. Like a scooter, it sports a gearless VMatic transmission for smooth, stepless acceleration, and Honda's Hydraulic Combined Braking System, which appropriately distributes braking force between the front and rear wheels, resulting in balanced, stable application of braking force. The motorcycle-like styling and scooter-like ease-of-handling combine to provide superior performance. 

* 'Stands for "New Project." The N Project is dedicated to creating stylish, attractive products that will appeal to youthful people. The N Project released its first model, the Ape, in February 2001; its second model, the Zoomer, in June 2001; its third model, the Bite, in January 2002; and its fourth model, the Solo, in March 2003.



●Annual sales target (Japan): 4,000 units
●Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 502,950 yen
(Price excluding consumption tax:) 479,000 yen

Note: Prices are for reference only and do not include insurance, taxes other than consumption tax, registration fees, etc.

The low, flat tandem seat makes it easy for the rear passenger to get on and off, and improves communication between the driver and passenger by putting their heads at the same level. The distinctive folding rear seat also lifts to become a large backrest for the driver, revealing a flat area with substantial carrying capacity.

Anti-theft systems include a main switch shutter and prewiring for the immobilizer alarm systems which are available as dealer options.

The PS250 comes in three color combinations: Parrot Yellow with Matte Axis Gray Metallic; Camouflage Green with Black; and Twilight Gray with Matte Axis Gray Metallic.

=Key Features=

Styled for rider individuality

The simple handlebars, square design of the lights, and simple, easy-to-read instrument panel all integrate with the solid look of the distinctive, wide-pipe frame to create fresh, individualized style.

The folding seat is a styling element that adds to the pleasure of riding tandem and the functionality of the bike.

Freely adjustable folding seat

The seat slides 90 mm to 10 different positions forward and backward, providing maximum riding comfort for riders of all sizes. Riders can adjust the seat while straddling the bike by inserting the ignition key into a keyhole below the seat front and then operating the seat slide lever.

The low seat height allows passengers get on and off the bike easily. It also positions the passenger at the same height as the driver, facilitating communication and enhancing the enjoyment of riding together.

A lever on the right side of the folding seat raises the seat to form a large backrest for the rider, who is then able to lean back and rest his or her feet on the floorboard for a more comfortable ride.

Superior cargo carrying capacity

Folding the passenger seat up to the backrest position reveals a large, flat cargo area. Designed for maximum carrying capacity, the bike is also outfitted with a grab rail and baggage hooks, making it possible to carry relatively large items. A mini cargo area above the front headlight can tote smaller items, while a convenient locking utility box to the lower right of the passenger seat also stores small items securely.

Water-cooled, four-stroke, 250cc engine

The water-cooled, four-stroke, OHC 250cc single-cylinder engine and wide ratio V-Matic continuously variable transmission work in concert to provide easy acceleration at all speeds and spirited city driving.

Reliable front and rear-linked braking system

The PS250 is equipped with Honda's Hydraulic Combined Braking System, which delivers optimal braking force to the front and rear wheels when the rider simply operates the more frequently used left (rear) brake lever. This proprietary Honda system provides superior bike stability and braking efficiency. The bike also features a parking brake lever on the front right side that locks and releases the rear wheel brake with ease, effectively holding the bike in position when waiting at traffic lights, stopping on a hill, or parking.

Theft and tamper prevention

The anti-theft system features a key cylinder that provides centralized control of the main switch and handle lock. The key cylinder is also equipped with a tamper-resistant protective shutter. Extra security is achieved through prewiring for the optional motion-activated alarm kit, manufactured by Honda Access Co., Ltd. (sold separately), or the Honda Access-made immobilizer alarm kit that sounds an alarm and cuts off the ignition system (sold separately).


Model Name PS250
Model Type Honda BA - MF09
L x W x H (m) 2.085 x 0.795 x 1.090
Wheelbase (m) 1.455
Ground Clearance (m) 0.135
Seat Height (m) 0.725
Vehicle Weight (Kg) 171
Dry Weight (Kg) 159
Number of Riders 2
Fuel Consumption (km/L) 37.2
(60km/h constant speed, low altitude)
Turning Radius (m) 2.3
Engine Type MF04E water-cooled, 4-stroke OHC single-cylinder
Displacement (cm3) 249
Bore x Stroke (mm) 72.7 x 60.0
Compression Ratio 10.5
Max· Power (kW[PS]/rpm) 14 [19] / 7,000
Maximum Torque N·m[kg·m]/rpm) 21 [2.1] / 5,500
Fuel System Carburetor (VE3BM)
Starter Electric
Ignition Fully transistorized, battery-powered
Lubrication Combination pressure / splash
Fuel Tank Capacity (L) 12
Clutch Dry, multi-plate shoe
Gearbox Constant mesh (V-Matic)
Gear Ratio 1 gear 2.250 - 0.830
Caster Angle (degrees) / Trail (mm) 28°00´ / 92
Tire Size Front 110 / 90-12 64L
Rear 130 / 70-12 56L
Braking System Front Hydraulic disc
Rear Hydraulic leading / trailing
Suspension Front Telescopic
Rear Unit-swing arm type
Frame Backbone