News Releases 2003

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Power Products
February 26, 2003

Honda Releases the New "Salad" Mini Tiller-Simple,Carefree Operation Ideal for the Home Garden

February 26, 2003—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the release of the new FF300 Salad mini tiller, featuring simple, carefree operation that even first-time users will feel comfortable with. The new tiller will go on sale March 1st at Honda power equipment dealers throughout Japan. The Salad features a centrally mounted vertical engine and forward-positioned rotary assembly, making it lightweight and compact, with a low center of gravity and symmetrical lateral balance. A variety of tilling and intertillage* operations can all be easily handled with this one tiller.

* Removal of weeds, etc. from furrows.

The Salad’s engine is positioned to create a low center of gravity, and the ARS (Active Rotary System)—Honda’s own original rotary system with coaxial rotating tines—is located at the front of the tiller, to achieve deep-tilling capability and superior straight-line stability that even a novice can control with ease. 

The tiller comes equipped with the GXV57 engine, a Honda e-SPEC engine that meets the world’s highest standards in environmental performance, including US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Phase II regulations—the most stringent exhaust emissions standard for general purpose engines in the world—and European noise regulations for 2006. It also achieves fuel efficiency at the top of its class*(under 4 horsepower), with fuel consumption of 0.38L per hour*, combining outstanding tilling performance with the capacity to till an area of approximately 1,148m2* (L Type, 2nd-speed operation) on one liter of fuel.

* According to Honda in-house measurements.

The specially designed loop handle allows the operator to select the grip position most appropriate for the work to be done and to operate the clutch while maintaining the same grip.

To help further expand the domestic home garden market, a version of this tiller specially built for the home center market, the Holiday FF300H, will also go on sale March 1st at designated home centers.

FF300 Salad mini tiller

FF300 Salad mini tiller

Annual domestic sales projection: 7,000 units


Manufacturer’s suggested retail price 
(consumption tax not included):
FF300J Type ¥136,000
L Type (with differential) ¥146,000
FF300H ¥136,000

Outstanding Features of the FF300 Salad

  Superior tilling performance
The Salad tills deep down despite its compact, lightweight design, with one-touch front wheel operation maintaining a constant tilling depth.
Outstanding operability allows everything from tilling to intertillage and other garden management activities to all be carried out with this one tiller. (Maximum tilling depth: 160mm—Honda in-house measurement)


  Easy operation
The engine layout secures a low center of gravity, resulting in highly stable straight-line operation.
The differential can be unlocked, for a tight turning radius and easy handling.
The front wheels can be lowered with one touch, raising the rotary tines off the ground for easy mobility between jobs.
Two-stage adjustment for tilling width and wheel width makes it easy to carry out cultivation activities in the furrows.
The newly developed loop handle adapts to changes in operating posture.


  Worry-free design
The rotary assembly is positioned in the front, giving the operator an increased sense of


  High economical and environmental performance
Fuel economy at the top of its class. (Tilling area per liter of fuel: approx. 1,148m2 (L Type, 2nd-speed operation)—Honda in-house measurement.)
Equipped with the GXV57 engine, a Honda e-SPEC engine that meets both US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Phase II and CARB (California Air Resources Board) Tier II regulations—the most stringent exhaust emissions standards for general purpose engines in the world. It combines high-efficiency tilling performance with CO2 emissions during tilling operations approximately half those of tillers with comparable power output (according to Honda in-house measurement).
With a silent muffler as standard equipment and other noise-reduction features, the Salad is also top of its class for low-noise performance at just 77dB (A). This clears European Stage 2 regulations for 2006.


  A new design just right for home gardening
The engine and other mechanical parts are encased in a plastic cover for a pleasing appearance, while the low center-of-gravity design makes for easy straight-line operation. The result is an advanced mini tiller that combines high performance with easy, carefree operation.


Type(Specifications for the F330H are
the same as the J Type)
L x W x H (handle height)(㎜) 1,465×465×1,010
Dry Weight(kg) 45.5 47.5
Outfitted Weight(kg) 48 50
Engine Air-cooled 4-stroke, single-cylinder OHV, vertical
Displacement(cm3) 57
Output/Engine Speed[kW(PS)/rpm] 1.0(1.4)/4,000
Max. Output[kW(PS)] 1.8(2.4)
Max. Torque[N·m(kg·m)/rpm] 3.0(0.3)/4,000
Fuel Automotive-grade unleaded gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 1.1
Ignition System Transistorized magneto
Starter Type Recoil
Main Clutch Type Dead-man
Transmission Speeds 2 forward(1 operating speed);
1 reverse
3 forward(2 operating speeds);
1 reverse
Steering System - Differential (locking)
Tilling Width(mm) 290/450
Tine Diameter(mm) 280
Tine Configuration New-form French tines
Handle Height Adjustment 2-stage(bolt fasteners)