News Releases 2003

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October 14, 2003

Honda Announces Automobiles and Motorcycles to be Displayed at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show (Motorcycles)

October 14, 2003-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the lineup of vehicles to be displayed at the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Inc.-sponsored 37th Tokyo Motor Show which runs from Saturday October 25th to Wednesday, November 5, 2003 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. 

The essence of Honda's global brand and the spirit of challenge it is founded upon is expressed in the slogan 'The Power of Dreams'. The theme chosen for the passenger car display at this Tokyo Motor Show, 'Free Thinking; Liberating Technology', introduces the bright and exciting world of people and cars that Honda aims to create. The theme of the motorcycle display, 'Dream Wings' expresses Honda's desire to take the relationship between people and motorcycles to another level. In this corner some ideas, which were born of this continuous challenge, are on display. In addition to production concept vehicles, the Honda display will showcase the company's environmental and safety technologies.









Passenger Car Display: 19 Vehicles, 16 Models

At the passenger car display, Honda will present some of the latest results of the company's free and innovative thinking and its determination to empower the individual. An all-new Odyssey will be introduced, as well as a broad range of imaginative concept vehicles. In addition, a variety of innovative powerplants that combine superior driving pleasure with advanced  environmental technology, and a selection of new Honda safety technologies will be presented.

New Odyssey/ASM Stage

The spacious and comfortable new Odyssey redefines the minivan. An innovative low-floor platform provides a low center of gravity for improved handling and a low roofline. Sharing the stage with the new Odyssey will be the concept vehicle ASM, an 8-seat minivan offering both advanced technology and luxury.

Concept Vehicle Stage

Honda will present its ideas for the future in a lineup of intriguing concept vehicles: the HSC which offers the driving pleasure of a sports car in a package that anyone can handle; the IMAS, a lightweight aerodynamic hybrid sports car; and KIWAMI, which matches Honda's clean-running fuel cell technology with the Japanese aesthetic of beauty in a premium  next-  generation sedan.

Advanced Technology Stage

The display will feature the FCX, the world's first fuel cell vehicle to be brought to market, along with a wide range of cutaway models of engines that combine driving performance and advanced environmental technology. In addition, some of the latest developments in Honda's pre-crash safety and other safety technologies will be featured.

Motor Sports Stage

Honda's Formula One and IndyCar racers will be displayed, along with a racing version of the Fit (a concept vehicle). 

Further, Honda's ongoing work in the area of Welfare Vehicles will be represented by displays of the passenger lift seat-equipped Odyssey Almas and Life Almas as well as the Monpal 4-wheel electric wheelchair, which can be driven with an easy-to-operate lever.

Motorcycle Display: 51 Vehicles, 40 Models

At the motorcycle display, Honda will present on four stages the idea of 'Dream Wings', Honda's desire to share the pleasure of motorcycle riding with more and more individuals. Honda is pursuing dreams and overcoming challenges to provide advanced technology for all.

Main Stage

Conveying a strong and compelling presence on the main stage will be the concept model Griffon, which combines the sportiness of a motorcycle with the convenience of a scooter; the soon-to-be-released CBR1000RR and CB750; and the overseas exhibition model Valkyrie Rune.

The Center Stage will feature the PS250, a concept model which represents the 5th model to be
developed by the N Project and its team of young engineers at the Asaka R&D Center.

The Honda Racing Stage will feature the MotoGP championship machine RC211V, Honda's new downhill racing RN01 mountain bike, and a range of other vehicles representative of Honda's spirit of challenge and advanced technology. 

The Ecology/Safety/Security Stage will focus on Honda's safety, environmental and security technologies. Honda's participation in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport-led Advanced Safety Vehicle (ASV) program will be presented, including the Honda Riding Simulator, developed on the basis of the ASV, which enables one to experience motorcycle riding in a variety of simulated conditions.

As an example of Honda’s environmental technology, the Dio Z4 FI, which is to be released in the
near future, highlights Honda’s newly developed PGM-FI (programmed fuel injection) system for
4-stroke 50cc engines.

The security display will feature Honda’s Smart Key and other systems, which combine convenience
with advanced anti-theft protection.

Displayed Vehicles (● Exhibition Model, ○ Production Model)

【 Passenger Car Display Corner 】

World Premiere World Premiere (4 Models) (★)
New Odyssey/ASM Stage New Odyssey
ASM (★)
Concept Vehicle Stage HSC (★)
●IMAS (★)
Advanced Technology Stage Inspire
Motor Sports Stage F1
Fit Racing Model
Welfare Vehicles Odyssey Almas
Life Almas
Production Models Step WGN
Accord Wagon

【 Motorcycle Display Corner】


World Premiere World Premiere (6 models) (★) Japan Premiere Japan Premiere (4 models) (☆)
Main Stage GRIFFON(★) ●CBR1000RR(☆)
SHADOW750(☆) ●CB750
GL1800 Gold Wing
CB400 Super Four HYPER VTEC SPECⅢ (★)
CB1300 Super Four Type-R ●CB400SS and others
Center Stage PS250 (★) and others
Honda Racing Stage RC211V ●VTR1000SPW ●RN01 and others
Ecology/Safety/Security Dio Z4 FI(★) ●Riding Trainer(★)
WAVE 125 FI ●ASV Riding Simulator and others
Production Models VTX SILVER WING (600)ABS-equipped vehicle
XR250 ○XR250 Motard ○VTR
Spacy100 ○SOLO ○TODAY
FUSION Type X equipped with audio system (and others