News Releases 2003

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October 15, 2003

Honda Expands Motorcycle R&D Operation in Thailand to Enhance Research and Development of Motorcycles for the ASEAN Region

Bangkok, Thailand, October 15, 2003 --- Honda R&D Co., Ltd., Honda's research and development subsidiary, has announced that it will expand Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HRS-T), its motorcycle research center in Thailand, in order to enhance research and development of motorcycles for the ASEAN region. 

An additional investment of 800 million baths will be made to cover the cost of a 8,350m2 plot of land which has been purchased as well as for a new facility and adjoining test course will be constructed there. Currently, HRS-T conducts market research, styling design and mock-up model production. In the future, additional functions including engineering design and development as well as the testing of prototype motorcycles will be undertaken. 

In 1988, a representative office was established in Thailand for the purpose of carrying out research and development of motorcycles and in 1997, this office was incorporated as HRS-T. In consideration of the expansion of the ASEAN motorcycle market in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, which follow China and India as the largest markets, strengthening of the development function will be accelerated.

<Outline of R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.>

Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Capital : 18.30 million bahts
President : Hirofumi Kambe
Equity ratio : Honda R&D Co., Ltd. 100%
Business : Research and development of motorcycles
Established : November 1997