News Releases 2003

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July 8, 2003

Sundiro Honda's "Today" Exports to Japan Reach 100,000 Units

Tianjin, China, July 8, 2003 --- Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd., Honda's joint venture company for motorcycle manufacture and sales in China, today announced that the cumulative exports to Japan of the Today 50cc scooter had reached 100,000 units as of the end of June. 

Research and development for the Today 50cc scooter, which was launched in Japan in August , 2002, was carried out in Japan. The Today optimizes parts procurement from Asian countries including China, with production and exports for Japan handled by Sundiro Honda, making the Today a good example of a globally supplied model.

Featuring superior environmental performance, low emissions and improved fuel economy through the adoption of an air cooled 4-stroke engine, the fully equipped Today scooter, with its highly acclaimed user friendly design, is sold in Japan at the reasonable price of 94,800 yen. 

It was originally intended that the Today scooter would be sold exclusively in Japan, but exports also have begun to Australia and New Zealand, taking advantage of its high quality and affordable price. A China launch is also under review, which means that the Today scooter will be even more fully utilized as a Honda global network model.

Outline of Sundiro Honda Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Established : September 2001
Location of head office : Tianjin City, China
Capital : US$99,565,000 (Approx. 11.76 billion yen)
Capitalization ratio : Honda Motor, Co., Ltd. 50%
Hainan Sundiro Holding Co., Ltd. 47.33%
Tianjin Motors Group 2.67%
Representative : Koji Kadowaki (Chairman)
Business activities : Manufacture and sale of motorcycles
Number of employees : Approx. 6,700 (as of the end of May 2003)
Products :
Main models as follows,
Honda brand M-LIVING (125cc Motorcycle)
Wave (100cc Cub)
Today (50cc Scooter)
Sundiro brand SDH50QT-A (50cc Scooter)
SDH125-36 (125cc Motorcycle)