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June 20, 2003

Honda Environmental Annual Report 2003 Published

June 20, 2003—Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has issued the Honda Environmental Annual Report 2003, outlining the Company's domestic Japanese environmental performance for fiscal 2002 (ending March 31, 2003) and its objectives for fiscal 2003 (ending March 31, 2003). 

Published anually since 1998, this sixth edition of the report is intended to serve both as an environmental disclosure tool to fulfill Honda's accountability requirements, and as a communications tool for collecting critical feedback and comments from the community at large. 

The principle achievements announced in the report for fiscal 2002 (April 2002-March 2003) are as follows:


Of the nine objectives set to be achieved by 2005 in the products domain, Honda has newly attained the following:
Objective: To achieve clean performance that exceeds Japanese government exhaust emissions
                 standards for 2000 by 50% or more for all vehicles.
Progress: By 2002, 100% of the company's vehicles had attained this objective.

The Company has also continued to achieve its objectives in the following three categories:

Automobiles Objective: To improve the average fuel economy of automobiles by approximately 25%,compared to 1995.
Progress: Automobile fuel efficiency has been improved by approximately 41%.
Motorcycles Objective: To reduce the total hydrocarbon exhaust emissions of motorcycles to approximately 1/3 of 1995 levels.
Progress: Motorcycle hydrocarbon emissions have been reduced to below 1/3 of 1995 levels, to approximately 28%.
Power Products Objective: To reduce the average hydrocarbon and NOx exhaust emissions of power products by approximately 30% compared to 1995.
Progress: Average hydrocarbon and NOx exhaust emissions for power products have been reduced by approximately 34%.
As of the end of March 2003, the Company has attained approximately 86% of its objectives set to be achieved by 2005.


Honda has continued to meet the following energy saving objective.
Objective: To achieve a 30% reduction in the energy consumption rate by 2010, compared with 1990.
Progress: As of the end of fiscal 2002, the Company reduced its energy consumption rate by 19.3%.
(For detailed information on the progress Honda is making in meeting its other objectives, please refer to the Honda Environmental Annual Report 2003.)

Other Principle Areas

Environmental protection costs: 134.0 billion yen (including R&D costs of 123.3 billion yen).
In addition to data on Honda production facilities, the report also includes, for the first time, data for Honda R&D Co. Ltd., and Honda Engineering Co., Ltd.