News Releases 2003

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June 11, 2003

Honda Commemorates 30 Years of Motorcycle Production and Sales in the Philippines

Manila, June 11, 2003 --- Honda Philippines, Inc. (hereafter referred to as HPI), Honda's subsidiary in the Philippines responsible for the manufacture and sale of motorcycles and the sale of power products, held a ceremony commemorating the 30th anniversary of the manufacture and sale of motorcycles in that country. 

In May 1973, Honda and Mariwasa Distributors, Inc. entered into a joint venture and established Mariwasa Honda, Inc. to commence production of motorcycles. In December 1983, Honda established HPI to succeed Mariwasa Honda, Inc.'s business and as of the end of April 2003, it had reached a cumulative production and sales total of approximately 680,000 units. 

With increasing numbers of personal users, the motorcycle market in the Philippines expanded to 260,000 units in 2002, an increase of 22% over the previous year. In 2003, this figure is expected to grow another 20%. HPI posted record sales of 85,000 units in 2002, an increase of 30.1% compared with the previous year. This was achieved mainly thanks to robust sales of the Asian specific Cub-style models, the Wave a/Wave125, business type long sellers including the TMX155/125, and the XRM110 for personal use. 

In 2003, through sales of 30th anniversary limited edition models, including those of the TMX155 and XRM110, HPI is aiming to further expand sales, with a target of 150,000 units.

XRM110/30th Anniversary Limited Edition Model

XRM110/30th Anniversary Limited Edition Model

History of Honda's motorcycle business in the Philippines

May 1973 Mariwasa Honda, Inc. established, motorcycle production commences.
1980 Honda Riding Academy established, the first motorcycle riding school in the Philippines.
December 1983 Honda Philippines, Inc. established
1984 Cumulative motorcycle production reaches 100,000 units.
1997 Cumulative motorcycle production reaches 300,000 units.
2001 Cumulative motorcycle production reaches 500,000 units.

Outline of Honda Philippines, Inc.

Established: December 1983
Start of operations: December 1983
Location of head office: Manila metropolitan area
Capital: 641,600,000 pesos
Capitalization ratio: Honda Motor Co., Ltd. 99.55%
Representative: Yasuhiro Oyama, President
Business activities: Manufacture and sale of motorcycles; sale of power products
Number of employees: Approx. 520 (as of the end of December 2002)
Production capacity: 150,000 units/year
Products: Seven models/Wave α, Wave125, TMX125/155,XRM110, XR200 and Dream125