News Releases 2003

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April 15, 2003

Honda to Begin Construction of Additional Head Office; New Environmentally Friendly Building Based on Site of Former Wako Plant

Tokyo, April 15, 2003 -- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will begin construction of a new Wako head office building April 16, 2003 on the site of the former Wako Engine Plant. When completed in summer 2004, Honda will transfer a number of functions from the current head office in Aoyama to the new Wako building. 

The first floor of the unique new six-story Wako head office will occupy 14,700mand the “environmentally friendly” building will also incorporate the needs of physically challenged associates. When the new building opens in 2004, both the Aoyama and Wako centers will function as head offices – the precise functions and responsibilities to be based at each location are still being finalized. 

The new “mid-rise” building will have a simple appearance with the priority on offering high functionality while projecting an advanced image. Importantly, the new head office is designed to harmonize with the building’s green surroundings, as well as the surrounding neighborhood. 

A number of environmentally friendly attributes will be incorporated into the building, including a cooling system utilizing ambient air, extensive use of natural light, the use of rainwater and the reuse of wastewater, as well as positive application of natural energy including use of solar panels. These efforts will contribute to a reduction in energy consumption. 

Further, a creative plan will be implemented for building construction. The Wako head office will have no basement, with the surplus soil from the construction work to be reused within the site. The cumulative effect of this construction plan and the unique environmentally friendly features of the building’s design will serve to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions during the complete life cycle of the building from construction, use and ultimately, disposal. 

By incorporating input from physically challenged associates, the facility will feature a practical design for a universal working environment where wheel chair-bound associates will be able to work efficiently and cooperatively with their able-bodied partners. With the design of ample open space around the building, coupled with an emergency power supply and food supply, the new building also will function as an evacuation center both for Honda associates and neighboring residents in the event of a disaster. 

The Wako Engine Plant operated from June 1953 to June 2002, ceasing auto engine production last year as part of Honda’s strategy to achieve more synchronous production of vehicles and engines. Responsibility for production and assembly of engines on the Wako Plant’s four lines was transferred to two lines at a new engine plant adjacent to the automobile vehicle assembly plant at the Saitama Factory in Sayama.