News Releases 2003

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January 9, 2003

Honda Fit Ranked Best-selling Vehicle in 2002 in Japan

Tokyo, January 9, 2003 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd., today announced that its small car model, the Fit, achieved cumulative unit sales of 250,790 units in Japan in 2002, according to the statistics of the Japan Automobile Dealers Association. Thus, Fit became the top-selling vehicle in Japan, the first time that a Honda model has reached the No.1 spot in yearly cumulative sales.
Since its launch in June 2001, the Fit has proved popular with a wide-range of customers for its trend-setting styling, good fuel economy and excellent userfriendly features. Its cumulative sales now total 355,088 units in about a year and a half since its launch.
The Fit was first exported to Europe in November 2001, and is currently sold, to high acclaim, in about 60 countries worldwide, as of the end of December 2002. Including exports, cumulative production of the Fit, which is manufactured at the Suzuka Factory, has exceeded 400,000 units.

History of the Fit

    *June 2001     Launch of the 1.3-liter model
    *November 2001     Received the 2001-2002 Japan Car of the Year Award
Received the 2002 RJC Car of the Year Award
Start of exports, beginning with Europe
    *December 2001     Achieved cumulative sales of 100,000 units in Japan
    *June 2002     Achieved cumulative sales of 200,000 units in Japan
    *September 2002     Launch of the 1.5-liter model
    *October 2002     Achieved cumulative sales of 300,000 units in Japan
    *November 2002     Facelift of the 1.3-liter model
    *December 2002     Achieved cumulative sales of 350,000 units in Japan