News Releases 2003

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October 17, 2003

Honda Introduces World's First Congestion Prediction Function for it's InterNavi Premium Club Car Navigation Service

October 17, 2003-Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the addition of the world's first Congestion Prediction function to the company's exclusive InterNavi Premium Club service. This new function allows users to foresee changes in traffic patterns and apply this information in route planning. Creating a two-way information exchange network using the voice-operated Honda Navigation System and portable telephones, The InterNavi Premium Club services have received acclaim for making available to drivers a range of information only an automaker can provide. The Congestion Prediction function is now available on the new Odyssey with plans to expand availability to other models in the future. 

Available to Honda owners who purchased the recently announced Honda HDD Navigation System as part of the InterNavi Premium Club service, the Congestion Prediction function precisely predicts changes in traffic patterns to indicate the least congested route to the destination based on real-time VICS*1data and past VICS data archived at the InterNavi Information Center. Receiving this precise information at departure, drivers also can more accurately predict the length of time required to reach their destination. 

Since its inception in October 2002, the InterNavi Premium Club has been well received for leveraging advanced technology and information infrastructure to provide value-added information to its members, and now has over 25,000 members*2. In conjunction with the recently announced Premium Members VICS and Parking Selection functions, this new Congestion Prediction function represents an attractive enhancement to the service.

*1 VICS is a registered trademark of the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center.
*2 As of October 2003